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After a two-year stint at there, he was hired to create an ag network in Minnesota, which he named the Linder Farm Network, for the owners of the Linder Group of stations.
He reports the Linder Farm Network now owns over a 50% share in the state, and is an industry leader in farmer audience nationally.
They include Russell Nemetz and Lane Nordlund, Northern Ag Network; Lynn Ketelson, Linder Farm Network; Tony St.
Ag Radio Network, EAB Network, First Oklahoma Ag, Kentucky Ag Network, Linder Farm Network, Rural Radio Network, Tennessee Ag Net, VSA Network, Yancey Ag Network
These stations include: WNAX, KRVN, WHO, WMT, KFGO, KFYR, KFEQ, KWMT, KFRM, WIBW, WGN, WOWO, KGNC, KZEN, Rural Radio Network, Linder Farm Network and many more.
At the Linder Farm Network, our "social" media events include our annual market outlook series of meetings; being the voice of Farmfest, our major outdoor ag show in the state; the North American Farm and Power Show and literally dozens of field days, farm meetings and evening meetings.
In our case, latest Ag Media Research shows 83.8% of all farmers in our primary market area listen to the Linder Farm Network on a regular basis.
The Linder Farm Network is one of the few radio networks that provide full half hour farm reports in the morning and noon hour, because our listeners want that level of information.
New for 2012 will be the first ever, New Technology Expo and Trade Show, hosted by the Linder Farm Network. This event will feature live on-the-scene demos from China, Brazil and countries around the world.
Linder Farm Network celebrated its 35th anniversary with a live broadcast to 3,000 people at Farmfest last month.
VP: Vic McGill (vic.mcgill@cckatzadvantage.com) 85 stations in AL, AR, CA, CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, NE, ND, OH, OK, SD, TX, WA and WI Networks: Ag Info Center Network, Ag Producers Radio Network, Arkansas Radio Network, Cromwell Ag Radio Network, Kentucky Agrinet, Linder Farm Network, Oklahoma Agrinet, Rural Radio Network, Tennessee Ag Net, VSA Network, Yancey Ag Network
The 2010 AMR shows the Linder Farm Network reaches 74% of the farmers in our primary marketing area in Minnesota.