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LDACLeader Development and Assessment Course
LDACLearning Disabilities Association of Canada
LDACLetterman Digital Arts Center (San Francisco, CA)
LDACLeadership Development and Assessment Course
LDACLong Distance Access Charge (surcharge to recover the cost of connecting a long distance carrier to the local carrier)
LDACLine Describing A Cone (light exhibition)
LDACLaboratoire de Découpage d'Assemblages Combustibles (French: Fuel Assembly Shearing Laboratory)
LDACLogistics Data Analytics Center (US Army)
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Metaphors of transcendence like "going toward the light" are inescapable--obviously a far cry from the rigorous materiality of Line Describing a Cone (compare the titles).
More than thirty years after British-born artist Anthony McCall created his now-legendary Line Describing a Cone, the first of his "solid light" films, the elegantly simple 1973 work--a projected white dot that slowly grows over thirty minutes into a circular line on the facing wall, eventually filling the dark space with a conical "volume" whose vivid corporality is a beguiling trick of light and atmosphere--remains one of postwar art's signal explorations of perceptual boundary states.
But after completing it, my attention pulled back from events in front of the camera and became engaged by the possibility of a film that could exist only in the moment of projection with an audience, without reference to an "elsewhere." The thirty-minute Line Describing a Cone, made soon after I moved to New York from London in 1973, took the form of the gradual coming-into-being in midair of a complete, hollow cone of light.