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Partners report the home office deduction on Schedule E with the line description "unreimbursed partnership expenses."
Critique: An impressive alphabetically presented biographical compendium, each individual entry in the pages of "Indiana's 200: The People Who Shaped the Hoosier State" includes DOB and DOD dates, a one line description of offices and/or positions, and summary biography; a bibliography of Further Readings; and the contributor's identification.
Unlike the description of the properties of common two-port as used in circuit theory, in the case of power line description the output current [I.sub.2] is of opposite direction.
We believe the method allows researchers to describe the composition of the forest from the line description data in a manner that would be impossible working only with witness tree data.
The second type of data of interest in forest composition reconstruction is ranked timber observations (sometimes referred to as line descriptions).
At the same time, the council has approved a 20 year Waste Strategy in which the definition of recycling consists of a one line description and seven lines of caveats.
(Menu lines include the ":$NAME=" line description text.)
So if you want to find a particular variety or name, or see what a variety looks like - useful if you are looking at a one line description in a catalogue - you should be able to manage it with the book Auriculas - an illustrated Guide compiled by Malcolm Guest.
While students were finishing their written line descriptions, they were called over to a painting area and asked to paint a variety of lines on a 12" x 12" piece of burlap.
Surveyors' section line descriptions contained general comments pertaining to the topography, vegetative cover, understory and soil.
The addition of this data is a significant increase in value for the corporate end user looking for corporate profiles with product line descriptions."