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LTLuxury Touring (automotive model/feature)
LTLink Text (message boards)
LTLaut (German: according to)
LTLake Tahoe (California/Nevada)
LTLess Than (computer math)
LTLithuania (ISO Country Identifier)
LTLess Than or equal to (computer math)
LTLocal Time
LTLow Temperature
LTLife Threatening
LTLight Truck
LTLeutnant (German: second lieutenant)
LTLead Time
LTLeft Turn (Hyper Logo Turtle graphics command)
LTLook Through (Intelligent Jammers)
LTLanding Team
LTLeadership Team
LTLinear Technology
LTLooney Tunes
LTLight Trucks
LTLote (Portuguese: lot; postal usage)
LTLandtag (Legislative Body, Austria, Europe)
LTLeft Tackle (football)
LTLight Tank
LTLong Trail
LTLetter of Transmittal
LTLondon Transport
LTLine Type (AutoCAD)
LTLength of Track
LTLong Ton
LTLive Training
LTLaplace Transform (mathematics)
LTLinear Transformation (linear algebra)
LTLawrence Taylor (football player)
LTL-Tryptophan (amino acid)
LTLearning Technologies (various organizations)
LTLas Trampas (California)
LTLow Testosterone
LTLake Terminal Railroad Company
LTLecture Theatre
LTLinus Torvalds (developer/author of the Linux Kernel)
LTLevel Transmitter
LTLeak Testing
LTLucent Technologies
LTLow Tension
LTLong Tour
LTLong Text
LTLatest Thinking
LTLine Terminal
LTLast Trade (or trading day)
LTLady of the Thistle
LTLimited Term
LTLead Technician
LTLatent Trait
LTLower Tray
LTLindsay Taylor (basketball)
LTLakeland Terrier
LTLogical Topology
LTLive Trend
LTLadanian Tomlinson (football player)
LTLaundry Tray
LTLiquid Thinking (web integration, design and consulting company)
LTLogic Theory
LTLimited Too (store)
LTLashkar-e-Tayyiba (Kashmiri-focused militant group)
LTLong Transverse (raw metal piece width)
LTLung Transplantation
LTLarge Tug (US Army)
LTLiner Terms (shipping)
LTLeadership Trainer
LTLost Temple (gaming)
LTLatina, Lazio (Italian province)
LTLodge Treasurer (Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America)
LTLaGrande Technology (Intel)
LTLorentz Transformation
LTLorien Trust
LTLifetap (MMORPG games)
LTLast Telecast
LTLiteFuze Transformer
LTLos Alamos Technical Associates
LTLufttransport AS (Norway)
LTLactate Threshhold
LTLong-Range Transmitter
LTLockout/Tagout Training
LTLaser Trooper (Star Kingdoms game)
LTLoudest Talker (voice conferencing algorithm)
LTLinetroll (Fault Passage Indicator; Nortroll AS, Norway)
LTTurn Left After Takeoff
LTLON-Talk Protocol
LTLubrication Threads (SAE)
LTLamar Transform
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The new line type not only represents the first commercially available nanofiber line made in Germany on a production scale, but also sets the standard for international comparison.
Percentage of tests with elevated blood lead levels, by type of water service line * and data set--District of Columbia, 2003 Surveillance data set used in 2004 All known MMWR report blood lead ([dagger]) tests ([section]) % % [greater than or [greater than or Water service equal to] 10 equal to] 10 line type [micro]g/dL [micro]g/dL Lead service line 7.
THE USE of modern technology in football should only be a debate about the ball crossing the line type incidents.
The pattern of line Type 5 cracks was also a little different--more regular, resembling a mosaic pattern.
The GIS solves these traditional mapping problems by: (1) treating outcrop area as "intelligent" polygons that "know" their identity, (2) allowing queries on the polygon topology that assigns properties such as color or pattern ba sed or lithologic code, (3) integrating traditional geological database information, such as lithologic descriptions or scanned photographs, with graphical station markers on the map, (4) posting oriented structure symbol markers with attached dip or plunge attributes from database tables, (5) generating line type patterns based on contact type classification, and (6) performing topology queries that, for example, could update the lithologic classification field of a station database table based on the lithologic class of the container polygon.
Tenders are invited for 9kv 10ka single phase lightening arrestors line type
Tenders are invited for water main replacement includes 30 lf of ductile iron water main; fire hydrant; valves and fittings; 48 each water service connection to water main; 670 lf of water service line type k - open cut; 3,130 lf of water service line type k - directional drilling; roads and paving, marking, storm sewer drainage, sewer, sanitary, landscaping, fencing.
Tenders are invited for Improvement of sewerage line type - ii qtrs
Tenders are invited for Complete rewinding &repairing of 5 KVA flame proof lighting transformer make mine line type FLP 550/110 volt Sl.