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sup.-1] % R85-3280 x A2234 3571 13 13 1 9641 x A2234 3571 27 27 6 DP 3627 x DSR-262 3729 56 56 1 H15164 x DSR-262 3729 11 11 I 9641 x DSR-262 3729 40 20 3 A6297 x IA2007 3890 50 44 4 CKR 6955 x IA2007 3890 77 46 4 9641 x NK S19-90 3877 81 32 7 9501 x P6906-016 3608 81 14 9 A4715 x HS89-3261 3222 20 8 7 1997-1998 Number of lines 90% of 90% of >SE Maximum Cross SE Parent Hutcheson Parent line yield kg [ha.
A later modification of the basic S-300 line yielded Russia's S-400 which was designed especially to improve capabilities against stealth fighters, suggesting previous versions could not reliably track or destroy these.
With the same setpoints, the original line yields acceptable product, but the new line, specified to be the same as the old line, gives a considerably different tensile property (Fig.
Distribution of array points along regression line yielded inference that under normal conditions parents NCMLQ2 NCMLQ4 NCMLD1 NCMLD2 and NCMLD4 being cluster in the first quadrate shared maximum dominant genes while NCMLQ1 on the opposite side shared the maximum recessive alleles for anthesis in maize.
Hotels in Jeddah reported growth across all major performance indicators as an increase in average rates and non-room revenues boosted bottom line yields. Occupancy grew to 79.3%, while average room rates increased 5.2%, closing the month at $252.22 which boosted RevPAR by 7.2% on $199.98.
Hotels in Riyadh reported growth across all major performance indicators as an increase in occupancy and conferences food and beverage revenues boosted the bottom line yields. Occupancy and ARR for the month of November posted a growth of 11.4 percentage points and 2.2 per cent respectively, closing the month at 63.4 per cent and $265.22, boosting RevPAR by 24.6 per cent to $168.20.
Molo, where the channel sampling of widespread complex sulphide mineralisation associated with quartz over a strike length of 2km on the southern side of the Nikolaev suture line yielded gold assays of up to 10g/t.
Last year's consultations with businesses and communities affected by the London-Birmingham line yielded 55,000 responses.
Trend line yields were up on corn, soybeans and wheat, and a late-season pricing rally provided an unprecedented finish to the year.
We allow (in fact, require) the axis of revolution to intersect the graph of the function or parametric curve; and we wish to find which such line yields the minimum unsigned surface area.
GT Solar's turnkey services process experts worked closely with DC Wafer's engineers to optimize the wafer line to increase productivity, boost quality and line yields, and lower production costs.
"Film has a big advantage over digital in its ability to capture wide extremes, particularly the highlight extremes, which tend to be a downfall for a lot of digital cameras." She says that the company's new Vision3 line yields even more image information than its earlier stocks.