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Weighted energy linear quadratic regulator vibration control of piezoelectric composite plates, Smart Materials and Structures, 11: 98-106.
In order to investigate the stability of the displaced orbit with linear quadratic regulator control, a numerical example is adopted in this section, using the full nonlinear dynamical equations.
For unstable displaced orbits, linear quadratic regulator is employed to control the coupled orbit-attitude system.
Researchers in [3] introduced a linear quadratic regulator (LQR) based dynamic yaw-moment control (DYC) method to generate global yaw moment needed to track the desired lateral response of a reference model under the input of driver's steering and vehicle speed.
Then a locally linearized rigid body model is used to design an on-line updated linear quadratic regulator that generates the desired global control efforts that can closely track the desired motion state responses.
Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) were used in the thesis.
McLellan, "Effect of Process Nonlinearity on Linear Quadratic Regulator Performance," J.
Forbes, "On the Effect of Process Nonlinearity on Linear Quadratic Regulator Stability and Performance," in Proc.
A path tracking algorithm based on a linear quadratic regulator is implemented for reliably and accurately tracking both straight and curved paths.
Because of this the focus in recent years has been directed to the use of various techniques of optimal control; Yu and Hwang [21] have presented an LQR (Linear Quadratic Regulator) approach for determining a control law PID optimal in order to control the speed of a DC motor; this contribution proposes a systematic approach to design a speed control of a DC motor based on an identification model and LQR design with a nonlinear increase with feedforward compensator.
The position control based on linear quadratic regulator is presented in Section 3.
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