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Lederer, "Asymmetric transmission of linearly polarized light at optical metamaterials," Phys.
First, we want to investigate the effect of irradiation with linearly polarized light on the azopolymeric microstructures.
The gravitational Faraday effect, first predicted in the 1950s, theorizes that when linearly polarized light travels close to a spinning black hole, the orientation of its polarization rotates according to Einstein's theory of general relativity.
Analysis of partially linearly polarized light, the most common form, can be used to infer the surface texture or orientation of an object, and many animals use natural polarized-light fields for navigation.
Linearly polarized light that's reflected from a thin film is usually transformed into an elliptically polarized beam whose properties are determined by the thickness and optical characteristics of the film and the wavelength, polarization direction, and angle of incidence of the incoming light.
The rotation frequency of the linearly polarized light coming out from the rotating polarizing filter was 300 Hz, i.e.
Here we discuss the Hartman interferometer, a proprietary integrated optic interferometer [19] that uses a single planar wave of linearly polarized light, thereby greatly simplifying optical coupling and signal processing.
This capability makes it possible for mantis shrimps to convert linearly polarized light to circularly polarized light and vice versa.
Other areas on the squid that reflected partially linearly polarized light were the "Dorsal iridophore splotches" on the mantle, but this reflection had partial polarization of less then 0.5.
The team was able to control the state of polarization by generating both linearly polarized light along an arbitrary direction and circularly polarized light.
Some methods to obtain the small spot were also proposed, such as achieving a sharper focus by using radially polarized light beam [6] and optimizing the focusing of linearly polarized light [7, 8].
Furthermore, as anticipated, asymmetric SNOM probes excited with linearly polarized light along the direction of the asymmetry are expected to guarantee field localization with peak intensity comparable or better than axisymmetric fully metalcoated probes under radially polarized excitation, while enabling a simplification in the injection procedure.
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