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The number of hopping channels was set to 12 and the data loss rate is assumed at 0.05 as a wireless link error. If congestion exists, it is assumed to be 0.35, which is combined with the wireless link error and congestion error.
It implies that three successive loss events may be caused by link error. Because CP[2] < CP[1] and CP[3] < CP[2], the sender does not decrease its sending rate immediately.
The broken link error on the site occurred when users tried to click directly on the "Research and Information Links" tab that was discussed earlier in this objective.
The link error, that is, the residual error contribution, is represented by the standard deviation (STD) [[sigma].sub.link].
Embedded links are not useful for data that cannot be overwritten, such as read-only data or data owned by others, and this is what motivates the use of externalized links in systems such as Microcosm, despite their greater chance of link error. The reader is referred to Davis [1995] for a discussion of embedded versus externalized links.
ParaSoft's report shows top corporate Web sites riddled with flaws such as coding, link, and HTML errors it says "seriously threaten corporate returns on Internet investments." For example, the Web audit reports that the 95 sites examined have an average of one Web site link error every 3.5 pages and over 12 HTML coding errors per page.
The eR-S1110 Ethernet Repeater uses high-end components and has an on-board microcontroller to deal with link error detection and recovery.
2.4 Wireless Channel Condition and Link Error Probability
Descriptive models typically use stochastic distributions and model several moments of the communication link error process.
In general, since both the link error and traffic load tend to be accumulated according to the packet traversal distance, CQ value also may increase proportionally to the distance.
All Perle Media Converters use high-end components and have an on-board microcontroller to deal with link error detection and recovery.
We use a "Route Failure Prediction Technique" based on the Lagrange interpolation (6) for estimating whether an active link is about to fail or will fail, and it can distinguish between both situations; link error at MAC layer was due to congestion and due to mobility of nodes to avoid the unnecessary route repair process.