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LDPLiberal Democratic Party
LDPLinux Documentation Project
LDPLeadership Development Program
LDPLabel Distribution Protocol (IETF)
LDPLane Departure Prevention (automotive)
LDPLatihan Dalam Perkhidmatan (Malay: In-Service Training; education)
LDPLoader Debugger Protocol
LDPLeak Detection Pump (automotive engineering)
LDPLow Density Lipoprotein
LDPLarge Deviation Principle
LDPLimited Driving Privilege (various locations)
LDPLaban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (Philippines political group)
LDPLocal Delivery Plan (National Health Service; UK)
LDPLaser Disc Player
LDPLevel of Development Plan
LDPLinux Distribution Partner
LDPLabel Distribution Protocol
LDPLivelihood Development Program (various organizations)
LDPLiberal Demokrat Parti
LDPLe Domaine Public (French: The Public Domain)
LDPLong Distance Path (UK; formerly National Trails)
LDPLanding Decision Point (final point in rotorcraft approach when a balked landing may be accomplished)
LDPLiquid Dairy Products (TetraPak)
LDPLegal Document Preparer (Arizona)
LDPLocal Distribution Point
LDPLink-Disjoint Path
LDPLegal Disciplinary Partnership (UK law practice)
LDPLoan Deficiency Program (USDA program payment for low commodity prices)
LDPLogistics Development Program
LDPLanded Duty Paid
LDPLiquid Dispersion Polymer
LDPLand Disturbing Permit (Virginia)
LDPLivestock, Dairy & Poultry
LDPLucky Duck Productions (New York, NY)
LDPLancha de Desembarque Pequena (Portuguese Navy)
LDPLanguage Designated Position
LDPLeast Damage Possible (banking, mergers and acquisitions)
LDPLong Distance Platform
LDPLingwa de Planeta (language)
LDPLong Distance Pumping (skateboarding)
LDPLanguage and Diversity Program
LDPLightweight Directory Protocol
LDPLocal Data Processor
LDPLiberal Demokrasi Partisi (Turkey)
LDPLow Density Presort (Canada Post)
LDPLogistic Data Process
LDPLocal Distribution Panel (electrical switchgear)
LDPLoaded Deployability Posture (STADEPS)
LDPLomas Data Products, Incorporated
LDPLet's Discuss, Please
LDPLung Damaging Particle
LDPLeading Dimensions Profile (Leading Dimensions Consulting)
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To realize the maximum multicast capacity h, the minimum cost subgraph G' = (V',E',W') should be found from G(V, E, W) with {s} [union] D [subset or equal to] V' for each t [member of] D, and subgraph G' contains h link-disjoint paths from source node s to each destination t.
In NCMSL algorithm, by calculating each link shared degree, the algorithm selected link with the maximum link degree firstly to construct h link-disjoint paths for the first destination.
But NCSML algorithm cannot make some destination nodes completely find the h link-disjoint paths which would reduce the multicast capacity.
Input: Graph G (V, E), source vertex s and destination vertex d Output: Set of link-disjoint paths [P.sub.L] Auxiliary Variables: Graph [G.sup.L] (V, [E.sup.L]) Initialization: [G.sup.Z] (V, [E.sup.L)[left arrow] G (V, E), [P.sub.L] [left arrow] Begin Algorithm Link-Disjoint-Paths 1 while ([??] at least one s-d path in [G.sup.L]) 2 p [left arrow] Minimum hop s-d path in [G.sup.L].