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LODLord of Destruction (Diablo 2 game expansion)
LODLimit of Detection
LODLegacy of Darkness (game)
LODLodi (Amtrak station code; Lodi, CA)
LODLevel of Detail
LODLevel of Development
LODLegion Of Doom
LODLine of Duty
LODLegend of Drizzt (gaming)
LODLegend of Dragoon (Sony role playing game)
LODLook of Disapproval
LODList of Documents (various organizations)
LODLine of Defense
LODLogarithm of Odds (genetic linkage analysis)
LODLive on Demand
LODLink of the Day
LODLife of Desiigner (album)
LODLife or Death
LODLine of Departure
LODLiving Organ Donor
LODLow Oxalate Diet
LODLimit of Disturbance
LODLuck of the Draw
LODLift Off Distance (computer mouse)
LODLength on Deck
LODLetter of Direction
LODLines of Drift
LODLoad File
LODLength of Day
LODLive or Die (gaming clan)
LODLetter of Deficiency (various locations)
LODLord of the Dragons (gaming)
LODLords of Destruction
LODLine of Dance (counter-clockwise movement)
LODLoss on Drying (water and volatile substances lost from a sample when dried)
LODLetter of Delegation
LODLeague of Draven (gaming)
LODLinked Open Data (Semantic Web)
LODLevel of Detection
LODLearning on Demand (education and training)
LODLoss Of Data
LODLords of Dogtown (movie)
LODLetter of Destruction
LODLightning on Demand (Brisbane, CA)
LODLords of Darkness (gaming)
LODLoad on Demand
LODLog of Odds (genetic linkage score)
LODLords of Death (gaming clan)
LODLaparoscopic Ovarian Drilling
LODLarge Organic Debris
LODLoks on Dope
LODLiberty or Death
LODLetter of Demand (of Payment)
LODLaid-Off Dad
LODLines of Development
LODLand of Devastation (BBS role-playing game)
LODLow of Day (stock markets)
LODLevel of Dependence
LODLeader-On-Duty (Target stores employee title)
LODLadies of Distinction
LODlateral overflow drain
LODLethal Overdose (band)
LODLast Order Date (sales)
LODLaunch on Demand
LODLegion of the Damned (gaming group)
LODLoss of Down (football)
LODLecture on Demand (academic curriculum)
LODLords of Discipline
LODLife Over Death (band)
LODLaunch Operations Directorate
LODLine of Demolition (construction)
LODLine Out Dock
LODLëtzebuerger Online Dictionnaire
LODLeadership and Organizational Development
LODLegends of Darkness (gaming clan)
LODLeading-One Detector
LODLease Outline Drawings
LODList of Drawings
LODLocally Optimum Detector
LODLow Overhead Driver
LODLook of Death
LODLandlord Outline Drawing
LODLast Opportunity Doctrine
LODLease Option Document
LODLetter of Diagnosis
LODLinear Optimal Distribution
LODLive Off Disk (DVR buffer)
LODLease Outline Diagram
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Gomez-Acosta, "A Fuzzy Logic System to Evaluate Levels of Trust on Linked Open Data Resources", Revista Facultad de Ingenieria, no.
In this paper, we presents an overview of our initial efforts to create a linked open data repository using the information of a subset of scientific publications belonging to CONICET Digital to incorporate them into the web of data.
Linked open data, on the other hand, not only offer a global web of data for field searching, but also allow computer programs to evaluate and return additional data that ordinarily would fall outside the scope of Web and catalog searching.
Of all the capabilities for linked open data and linked enterprise data to impact the future of the data sphere, the most irrefutable may well be the penchant for permanently abolishing silos.
Contribuir con un modelo conceptual para la construccion de un mapa de las investigaciones academicas y cientificas en la Argentina basado en las nuevas tendencias tecnologicas de Linked Open Data.
Consuming and producing linked Open Data: The case of Opencourseware.
BabelNet can currently be used as a stand-alone resource with its Java API, a SPARQL endpoint, or as a Linked Data interface as part of the Linguistic Linked Open Data (LLOD) cloud (Navigli, 2014).
Linked open data could be of a particular interest in this regard since it allows for new insights into the urban context.
Despite these efforts, there are very few proposals that consume Linked Open Data for educational purposes, although some examples can be seen at (Dietze et al., 2013) and (Open Library, 2012).
Linked Data, termino que se se utiliza en informatica en general para relacionar unos datos con otros, lo adopto Berners-Lee para exponer una de las iniciativas de la web semantica, denominada igualmente Linked Open Data (Datos Vinculados Abiertos), de cara a conectar el contenido de las paginas webs, las webs- documentos HTML- y los sitios web completos, con el objetivo de mejorar su busqueda, acceso y reutilizacion.
Robert Baxter, Senior Archivist at Cumbria Archive Service, has been trialling the new software and says, “The future of search functionality is based on Linked Open Data, the semantic web and 'Web 3' technologies.
In this paper we focus on said challenges and investigate the interlinking and post-interlinked data presentation possibilities in the Linked Open Data cloud.