LINSELinguistik-Server Essen (University Essen, Germany)
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En el conjunto, ademas de las esplendidas esculturas e instalaciones textiles de entes organicos y abstractos de Hector Velazquez, sobresalen las propuestas de Sabine Linse y Anette Kuhn.
The literature review points out that the risks from GS to a purchasing company include the possibility of a decrease in the company's agility and flexibility; an increase in distance, cost, and the number of intermediaries in the supply chain; an emphasis on specific source operations instead of the complete process, thereby reducing the ability to analyze the situation; an increase in total costs; the failure of logistics support; and difficulties dealing with cultural differences, regulations, and country uncertainty (LEVY, 1995; BOZARTH; HANDFIELD; DAS, 1998; CHO; KANG, 2001; ZENG; ROSSETI, 2003; CHRISTOPHER; PECK; TOWILL, 2006; BUTTER; LINSE, 2008; STEINLE; SCHIELE, 2008).
Dr Linse also conducted a five-day programme to benefit English language teachers in Bahrain.
It fits Moussa's ambitions perfectly to become the replacement for someone like Frank Lampard one day, just as playing in the Champions League does as well," Rodger Linse said, according to (http://www.
The acquisition of Achernar further illustrates our ongoing commitment to the South Cone region of South America with best in breed for labeling and identification solutions," said Bob Linse, president of SATO America.
Den Beitragenden gelingt es durchweg, mittels der gemeinsamen Linse kritische Perspektiven auf diese Spanienwerke zu entwickeln und dabei einen bemerkenswerten literaturhistorischen Uberblick vom Spatmittelalter bis zur Gegenwart zu entwerfen, der seinesgleichen sucht.
The success of eRecyclingCorps among major carriers to date can be attributed to an executive team that knows the wireless and retail industries inside and out," said Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Partner, Michael Linse.
Bryan Linse and Naomi Sansburn: Plaintiffs allege negligence, property damage.
Although Seattle-based Sur La Table has narrowed its collection over the years, according to Media Relations Manager Susanna Linse, it continues to carry many publications both in its stores and online, including autographed copies and single-subject titles, in addition to "books from our well-known authors, who appeal to our customer base.
Rose E, Wever S, Zilliken D, Linse R, Haustein UF, Brocker EB: Intravenous dexamethasone-cyclophosphamide pulse therapy in comparison with oral methylprednisolone-azathioprine therapy in patients with pemphigus: results of a multicenter prospectively randomized study.
It is now ruled out that Ruud will extend his contract," Rodger Linse said.
Course facilitators are also challenged to change teaching practices from traditional lecture-based to more open-ended student-controlled activities (Cohen, 1995; Lord & Madsen Camacho, 2007; Turns, Adams, Linse, Martin, & Atman, 2004, Turns, Eliot, & Linse, 2003; Yager, 1991).