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LBLibra (Latin: Pound; unit of mass)
LBLow Battery
LBLight Blue
LBLong Beach (various locations)
LBLoad Balancing
LBLane Bryant
LBLight Bulb
LBLarry Brown (basketball coach)
LBLetter Box
LBLittle Brother
LBLegally Blonde
LBLower Bound
LBLittle Boy (atomic bomb)
LBLaguna Beach (California)
LBLog Book
LBLoad Balancer
LBLeft Back (soccer position)
LBLaura Biagiotti (fashion; Italy)
LBLimp Bizkit (band)
LBLehman Brothers (investment services company)
LBLondon Borough
LBLandesbank (German: regional government bank)
LBLow Bay (lighting)
LBLarge Business
LBLoad Bank (generators)
LBLight Bomber
LBLean Back (rapper)
LBLloyd Banks (rap artist)
LBLowboy (in-room safe type for hotels)
LBLong Barrel
LBLocal Bus
LBLost Boys
LBLinux Based
LBLeg-Break (cricket)
LBLanding Barge (US Navy)
LBLeft Brain
LBLine Brother
LBLoverboy (band)
LBLoop Back
LBLive Birth
LBLotus Birth (leaving the placenta attached after birth)
LBLucille Ball
LBLance Bass
LBLocal Boys
LBLower Brace
LBLaurentian Bank (Canada)
LBLeft Bumper (Xbox 360 controller button)
LBLogging and Bookkeeping (web service interface)
LBLow Brass (music score)
LBLattice Boltzmann
LBLord British
LBLogistics Base
LBLloyd Aereo Boliviano (Bolivia, IATA airline code)
LBLouis Braille (inventor of 'braille')
LBLightbringer (World of Warcraft US server)
LBLimited Base
LBBank of Lithuania
LBLast Blade (SNK game)
LBLogic Block
LBLocal Battery
LBLutheran Brotherhood
LBLiquid Broth
LBLeaky Bucket (traffic policing algorithms)
LBLocal Buckling (structural element)
LBLanding Beach
LBBurst Length (Transmission Channel Parameter)
LBLoad Buffer
LBLine Booster
LBLiver Biology
LBLeft Behind Book Series (Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim F. LaHaye)
LBLysogeny Broth (bacterial growth medium)
LBLate Babylonian
LBLitter Bearer
LBPhotographic Laboratory Specialist (US Navy)
LBLog Bay
LBLifeburn (gaming, Everquest)
LBLaboratorio Bioquímico (Guatemala, biologic laboratories)
LBLuna Broth
LBCarriers' Semi-Official Stamp (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
LBLongest Backup
LBLoss due to Blockage
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Merinta's Linux based Trinity client-side software solution demonstrates the delivery of popular media handler content to the TV screen.
Because our solution is Linux based and we can leverage the massive developer community, we are able to create a lower cost structure, a shorter time to market solution and an Internet experience that is better than the PC's in the consumers living room," stated Chad Gibbons, Vice President of Sales and Business Development.
TimeSys Linux/RT offers all the benefits of a real-time operating system (RTOS) solution by providing the popular open-source Linux environment and benefits of a Linux based embedded application.
VA Linux (NASDAQ:LNUX) is a premier supplier of sophisticated Linux based servers, workstations and open source solutions designed to help ISVs, ASPs and Internet Infrastructure business developers build better, high-quality solutions.
com is positioning itself to be at the forefront of online auction companies providing Linux based products.
amp;uot;The market acceptance of Linux based products is phenomenal and the ongoing development of new Linux products is fueling enormous interest at the consumer level,&uot; stated Tim Black, President and CEO of Bidhit.
com, a diversified Internet retailer, today announced it began manufacturing a line of Linux based PC Computer Systems for $399, through their wholly-owned subsidiary Bay Micro Computers, Inc.
The Linux based computers systems comes with a Linux based operating system, Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: SUNW) Star Office Suite 5.
President Andrew Akavan commented, "The Addition of our Linux based line of PC Systems was a natural compliment to our line of Windows based PC Systems.
We are pleased to have completed this funding which, we believe, will provide a solid capital base to facilitate growth of our operation, particularly our Linux based manufacturing division," said Jeffrey Rassas, the chief executive officer of EBIZ.
Stephen Herman, EBIZ president stated, "Due to market demand for our Linux based products and the success of thelinuxstore.
These announcements will continue to illustrate our ability to define the new Linux based system landscape.