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LDDLijst Dedecker (Political party, Vlaanderen, Belgium)
LDDLewis Dot Diagram (atoms)
LDDLiving Dead Dolls
LDDLanguage Data Definition
LDDLoad and Decrement
LDDLinear Delay Distortion
LDDLaser Diode Drive
LDDLens Data Display
LDDLogical Dos Drive
LDDLogical Device Driver
LDDLEGO Digital Designer
LDDLegal Due Diligence
LDDLarge Diameter Drilling (UK)
LDDLand Development Desktop (Autodesk AutoCAD)
LDDLangage de Description de Données (French: Data Description Language)
LDDLoving Domestic Discipline
LDDLearning Difficulties and Disabilities
LDDLand Development Division (various locations)
LDDLight Duty Detergent
LDDLaser Diode Driver
LDDLocal Development Document
LDDLinux Device Driver
LDDLeast Detectable Dose
LDDLuminaire Dirt Depreciation
LDDLightly Doped Drain
LDDLhermitte-Duclos Disease
LDDLotus Developer Domain
LDDLight-Duty Diesel
LDDLong-Distance Dad
LDDLogical Document Determination (legal)
LDDLoss, Damage, or Destruction
LDDLong-Distance Dads (various organizations)
LDDLogical Data Dictionary
LDDLexmark Document Distributor
LDDLegion of Dynamic Discord
LDDLatency Driven Distribution
LDDLes Développements Durables (Bayonne, Pays Basque)
LDDLittle Deluded Dupes
LDDLong Distance Dependency
LDDLarge Digit Display (electronics)
LDDLinear Decorrelating Detector
LDDLiquid Dish Detergent
LDDLow-Delay Data
LDDLunar Dust Detector
LDDLong Distance Division (Sprint)
LDDLivestock Development Department
LDDLaser Designator Detector
LDDLeeson Digital Designs
LDDLetter of Determination of Dependency
LDDLogic Design Data
LDDLicensed Direct Disposer (cremation services)
LDDLight Division Direct Support
LDDLogistics Development Data
LDDLogic Decision Diagram
LDDLogistics Decision Diagram
LDDLectura Diaria (Spanish)
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Linux Device Drivers Alesandro Rubini & Jonathan Corbet SHROFF Publishers
No tools are needed to use the book, but knowledge of embedded systems, Unix system administration, Linux device drivers and kernel internals, and GNU software development tools is assumed.
This detailed guide to writing Linux device drivers is a solid acquisition for collections strong in advanced Linux programming: it's for audiences with a working knowledge of operating systems and C--but not necessarily device driver writing--and brings together all the basic concepts and methods needed to address common programming scenarios.
Jonathan Crobet, Alessandro Rubini and Greg Kroah-Hartman's LINUX DEVICE DRIVERS (0596006903, $39.
The company is making Linux device drivers for its ServRAID 3 adapter and is building a web forum for users of Linux on Netfinity.
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