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LIOULeague of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine
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A limited number of studies have examined college students' aging attitudes through drawings (e.g., Barrett & Cantwell, 2007; Liou, 2017; Roberts, Hearn, & Holman, 2003).
In his new role with CNO, Liou will be responsible for health valuation and projections for all CNO businesses.
Also, in the eyes of host market stakeholders, EMFs originated from less developed economies historically bear the country-of-origin stereotypes of providing inferior goods that are made by cheaper labor, thus adding to the liability of foreignness (Kostova and Zaheer 1999; Liou et al.
Liou and Huang reported a RCR technique involving distraction of the PDL after extraction of the first premolars.
In his article introducing the Liou Alt-RAMEC protocol, Liou schematized the changes that occur in the maxillae with RME and Alt-RAMEC (Figure 1).
Previous literature has addressed problems of historical representation in Seediq Bale (Lee "In Search," "Archiving"; Liou; Liu).
Only a few studies have investigated the reflection topics and level of reflection of EFL teachers (e.g., Farrell, 1999b, 2013; Liakopoulou, 2012; Liou, 2001; Romano, 2006; Yang, 2009).
DuBois's concept of sympathetic touch, a way to display empathy and understanding while respecting social circumstances and community histories (Rojas and Liou, 2017).
Even teachers who claim to be social justice advocates may approach their work by having "pity" for students (Rojas & Liou, 2017) instead of truly caring for them.
Liou and Korosec (2009) reported that major reform strategies in state governments are through implementing attrition activities, encouraging employee involvement, redesigning jobs or positions, and combining agency functions.
The plant was inaugurated by Vijaybhai Rupani, chief minister, Gujarat, in the presence of Tsai-Jen Lo, chairman, Maxxis Group, Cheng-Yao Liao, president, Maxxis India and Jia-Ciao Liou (Gary), spokesperson, Maxxis India.