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LMSDLipid MAPS (Metabolites and Pathways Strategy) Structure Database
LMSDLegacy Ms Domain
LMSDLower Merion School District (Ardmore, Pennsylvania)
LMSDLouisville Municipal School District (Louisville, MS)
LMSDLight Manufacturing Studio District (Santa Monica, CA)
LMSDLockheed Missile Systems Division
LMSDLeft Main Stem Disease (cardiology)
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Among eight lipid categories defined by LIPID MAPS (http://www.lipidmaps.org), the lipids identified thus far in MTB encompass only six categories: fatty acyls (FAs), glycerolipids (GLs), glycerophospholipids (GPLs), prenol lipids (PLs), polyketides (PKs), and saccharolipids (SLs) [18, 22].
Murphy et al., "Update of the LIPID MAPS comprehensive classification system for lipids," Journal of Lipid Research, vol.
The goals of LIPIDMAPS (www.lipidmaps.org) are to (1) separate and detect all lipids in a specific cell and discover and characterize any novel lipids that may be present, (2) quantitate each of the lipid metabolites present and quantitate the changes in their levels and location during cellular function, and (3) define the biochemical pathways for each lipid and develop lipid maps that define the interaction networks.