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LPLimited Partnership (legal business entity)
LPLong Playing (record)
LPLiquid Propane
LPLinear Programming
LPLimited Partner (IRB)
LPLatin Percussion (maker of various percussion instruments)
LPLinear Program
LPLes Paul (type of guitar)
LPLong Play(ing)
LPLincoln Park (various locations)
LPLine Printer
LPLet's Play (gaming)
LPLinkin Park (band)
LPLow Power
LPLow Profile
LPLicense Plate
LPLow Pressure
LPLow-Pass (filter, amplifier)
LPLesson Plan
LPList Price
LPLiberal Party
LPLonely Planet (travel guides)
LPLow Pass (Filter)
LPLinear Prediction
LPLoss Prevention
LPLibertarian Party
LPLaser Printer
LPLogic Programming (computing)
LPLong Period
LPLaughing Place (Disney)
LPLarge Print (visual impairment)
LPLicensed Practical (nurse; US HRSA)
LPListening Post
LPLeadership Program
LPLumbar Puncture
LPLiquefied Petroleum
LPLycée Professionnel (French: Professional School)
LPLaunch Pad (various organizations)
LPLabour Party
LPLegal Problems
LPLegislative Process
LPLife Points (Yu-Gi-Oh! game)
LPLight Peak
LPLightning Protection
LPLow Point
LPLayout Plan (urban development)
LPLiquidity Provider (finance)
LPLan Peru (Peruvian Airlines, IATA airline code)
LPLemon Party
LPLicensed Producer (marijuana; Canada)
LPLow Priority
LPLimited Production
LPLa Pampa (Argentina province, airline code)
LPLanding Point
LPLicensed Psychologist
LPLamp Post
LPLegislative Proposal
LPLocal Park
LPLight Pole
LPLink Popularity (website links)
LPLife Partner
LPLichen Planus (skin disease)
LPLast Paid
LPLoan Prospector
LPLacrimas Profundere (German band)
LPLost Prophets (band)
LPLow Paying
LPLogical Partition (IBM AIX)
LPLongitudinale Posteriore (Italian: Longitudinal Posterior; Lamborghini)
LPLife Policy (insurance)
LPLicorice Pizza (record)
LPLimited Product
LPLis Pendens (Latin: pending lawsuit)
LPLangspielplatte (German: Long Playing Record)
LPLiability Policy
LPLower Peninsula (of Michigan)
LPLow Permeation (fuel)
LPLocal Primary
LPLog Periodic
LPLicensed Paralegal (law)
LPLao Po (Chinese: Wife)
LPLangmuir Probe
LPLinearly Polarized (EIA-440-A)
LPLa Previa (TV show)
LPLine Pair (philately)
LPLaxmikant Pyarelal (Inidan film music producers)
LPLoss of Pay
LPLogical Process
LPLas Plumas (California)
LPLatent Period
LPLong Pointer (32-bit memory address in a 16-bit operating system)
LPLine Processor
LPLa Pucelle (PS2 game)
LPLicensed Practitioner
LPLearning Page (educational resources website company)
LPLiquidity Premium
LPLegge Provinciale (Italian: Provincial Law)
LPLiquid Propellant
LPLife Profile
LPLoad Package
LPLinear Polarizer
LPLesbian Pornography
LPLuff Perpendicular (sailing measurement)
LPLighting Panel
LPLyceum of the Philippines
LPLocal Purchase (Stores 100 code)
LPLinear Polarized
LPLocal Processor
LPLeaf Protein
LPLicensed Paramedic
LPLaser Prostatectomy
LPLaunch Position
LPLimited Procurement
LPLorimar Productions
LPLinking Protection
LPLincolnshire Police (UK)
LPLight Patrol
LPLiquid Penetration (metal test to show stress cracks and surface faults)
LPLeadership Points (gaming)
LPLarge Processor
LPLab Prototype
LPLower Order Path
LPLatinos Progresando (not-for-profit organization assisting with immigration related issues)
LPLockout of Protection
LPLex Persona
LPLine Patterning
LPLazer Park (New York)
LPLinha de Partida
LPLocator Protocol (location-based GPRS services)
LPLincoln Prairie School (Hoffman Estates, Illinois)
LPLittle Person/People
LPLeased Platform
LPLeft Traffic Pattern
LPLink Paralleling
LPLunatic Posse (Quake gaming clan)
LPLarge Package Based
LPLunar Prospector (spacecraft)
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Globally, this effect is particularly evident from 25 to 185 [degrees]C, while a minor influence is observed for higher air temperatures, probably because of a simultaneous significant reduction of air density, which favors liquid penetration. In terms of spray liquid phase cone angle, a significant increase can be observed with air temperature, suggesting that spray drop lower penetration is coupled with the tendency to diffuse over a wider volume, thus leading to a remarkable expansion of the spray structure.
Tenders are invited for Work contract for ndt of hpt transfer line drain stub joints by liquid penetration and thickness survey of drip line bends, Reducers, Cft and uft of unit no.5 during coh.
A match in liquid penetration indicates the droplets are breaking up at the correct distance from the nozzle.
The experiments were designed to evaluate fast initial sorption, allowing separate estimation of the end-grain (i.e., total longitudinal) and lateral (i.e., surface longitudinal) liquid penetration. Presaturation of wood with water did not significantly impede the subsequent penetration of n-hexadecane, whereas the presaturation of wood with n-hexadecane led to a significant decrease of the subsequent water uptake.
Why Covering the Bottom Carpet with a Moisture Blocking Film of Coating Solves Liquid Penetration Problems but can Cause New Serious Health Problems
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that the sterile team members wear surgical gowns that are effective barriers when wet, resisting liquid penetration. Ideally, gowns that are impermeable to liquids and viruses are preferred.
The company's laboratory is equipped with advanced technology and has capability to do x-ray, hardness, PMI (positive material identification), liquid penetration, eddy current and weld route endoscopy tests.
The values of surface free energy components of the studied fabrics, which are calculated from the results of the liquid penetration rates according to thin-layer wicking method, are collected in Table 3.
* Both acid and alkaline internal sizes impart liquid penetration resistance that improves size press operation, coat weight control/uniformity, and ink hold out.
Incorporating a sterile PTFE-membrane filter, the device prevents contamination from overfilling as liquid penetration is prevented.
A built-in camera captures a video sequence of the liquid droplet applied on the surface, and results are presented as static contact angle or dynamic wetting and liquid penetration as a function of time.
Moreover, liquid penetration in fibrous/porous materials is applied by many industries such as paper and textile (19) as well as in processes dealing with filtrati on or geographical matter (20).