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Researchers compared the maximum shear stress capability of interconnects using solders and welds to those made with novel Pb-free (CuSn and InAg) transient liquid phase sintering materials at temperatures up to 300[degrees]C.
Clyne, "Production of a highly porous material by liquid phase sintering of short ferritic stainless steel fibres and a preliminary study of its mechanical behaviour," Composites Science and Technology, vol.
Since WC is known to be precisely composed stoichiometrically and does not dissolve any cobalt, the liquid cobalt phase ought to dissolve W and C in atomically equal proportions during the liquid phase sintering. There is a very narrow range of 6.12 [+ or -] 0.1 wt% carbon where the WC-Co microstructure will remain in the two-phase region.
"Essentially, we will be marrying liquid phase sintering to rapid prototyping," said Randall M.
Improvements in the relative densities of the final products are currently under study in the authors' laboratory, using additives such as copper to promote liquid phase sintering.
Traditionally, cemented carbides are produced by liquid phase sintering process carried out above the eutectic temperature of WC-Co (above 1310[degrees]C), which often induces undesirable grain growth of the nanocrystalline WC grains during the sintering stage even with the addition of grain growth inhibitors (such as VC, [Cr.sub.3][C.sub.2], and [Nb.sub.3][C.sub.2]), which reduce only partially the associated grain growth rate while affecting adversely the strength [11-14].
The first of the seven papers in this collection review progress in methods for the quantitative analysis of microstructure, computer simulation of liquid phase sintering, deconsolidation of refractory polycrystalline skeletons, and Samsonov's model for the electronic mechanisms of sintering.
Metal binder phase promotes liquid phase sintering while the addition of only zirconia implies solid state sintering.
Limited research has been conducted in the area of encapsulating diamond by liquid phase sintering in an aluminum matrix [4] by using Al-eutectic alloys (such as Al-Mg, AlSi).
P Bonet, "Densification of 0-99Sn[O.sub.2]-0.01CuO mixture: evidence for liquid phase sintering," Journal of the European Ceramic Society, vol.