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LWPlibwww-perl (library for WWW access using Perl)
LWPLive Wall Paper (software)
LWPLight Weight Process
LWPLightweight Process
LWPLotus Word Pro
LWPLibrary for Www in Perl
LWPLiquid Water Path
LWPLabor and Worklife Program (Harvard Law School; Cambridge, MA)
LWPLeave Without Pay
LWPLive, Work and Play (various locations)
LWPLive with Passion
LWPLocal Watershed Planning (North Carolina)
LWPLocal Water Plan (various organizations)
LWPLeave With Pay
LWPLausanne World Pulse (religious magazine; Wheaton, IL)
LWPLife Without Parole
LWPLightweight Water Purifier
LWPLong Wavelength Pass
LWPLiving Wage Policy (California)
LWPLight Weight Protocol
LWPLeft Watching Properly (USCG term)
LWPLiquid Waste Processing
LWPLotus WordPro File extension
LWPLightweight Gun
LWPLight Weight Pack (obsolete)
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The negative relationship between [tau] and [r.sub.e] suggests that drizzle had formed; at the developmental stage of the cloud, re increased and [tau] decreased because the growth of cloud droplets ceased and the liquid water path became stable.
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