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35Liquor Violation (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
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1:57 a.m.: Leominster Road, liquor violation at the Black Sheep Tavern.
It seems that the swearing in of a police sergeant and a liquor violation at a restaurant are more important than mentioning the rights of Webster residents to enter the beach at no charge.
Patacchiola reminded the room that the liquor violation occurred and needed to be dealt with.
She is about to retire, and was not fired for the liquor violation. She did not ask for identification at all, according to the police report.
Minardi, Detective Kuck and the undercover detective returned to J & J Tavern later that evening and the undercover officer identified the server, informing her of the liquor violation. The server said it was a mistake not to ask for an ID.
Cheng-Du, at 157 Turnpike Road, has been operating for 27 years without a liquor violation.
by Officer Chris Cornelius and Detective Edward Brescia and charged with an open container violation and being a minor transporting/carrying liquor violation.
In fact, Webster selectmen recently postponed action on an agenda item that was supposed to discuss the restaurant's liquor license and police reports on "an alleged liquor violation and your failure to control your patrons, etc."
Selectmen had scheduled a disciplinary hearing for last night on concerns about the status of the business' liquor license manager, as well as police reports on "an alleged liquor violation and your failure to control your patrons, etc."
A series of liquor violations in 1917 and 1918 repeatedly landed McManus in the police court and nearly cost the hotel its 1918 business license.
Groups of black men were frequently arrested and then charged with idleness and vagrancy, gambling or liquor violations. Typical was a Sarasota Herald story headline: "Doing Nothing But It Costs.
Half of the other schools with liquor violations in their records reported fewer than five violations per 1,000 students.