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LISELaboratory for Integrated Science and Engineering (Harvard University; Boston, MA)
LISELaboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Spectroscopie Électronique
LISELibrary and Information Science Education
LISELibrarians of Institutes and Schools of Education (England, UK)
LISELaser Integrated Space Experiment
LISELeadership in Science Education
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Watson started terrorising Lise when she began dating another man and the victim contacted police about his behaviour in September 2014 and again days before she went missing.
From the moment of her arrival at the airport, Lise searches for the man who is her 'type,' edgily surveying every man in that quest, consistently concluding, 'he's not my type.
SCENE-STEALERS: Elisha Willis as Lise and Iain Mackay as Colas.
De l'effacement de Flaubert sous la plume de Du Camp, Lise Schreier conclut que "[le] silence sur la presence de Flaubert peut [.
The women's eyes follow Lise back into the house, and their voices get a little quieter.
Examples include Inge Lehmann, who discovered that Earth has a solid core; Lise Meitner, a codiscoverer of the neutrino; Mary Lucy Cartwright, who made strides in formulating chaos theory; and the well-known Marie Curie, who discovered natural radioactivity.
Lise Lunge-Larsen's NOAH'S MITTENS (0618329501, $16.
Giorgio Lise, who is compiling the information, said that nearly 170 interviews had been completed.
In 1950 he created ProFane Love for her in his Rimbaud ballet, Illuminations, and later, she danced two of her finest roles, Lise in La Fille Mal Gardee and Sylvia in the full-length Sylvia.
Among those who have complained is Toronto's Lise Anglin, who wrote a strong letter to Mrs.
It is a novel for older YAs, because the main characters are three girlfriends on the verge of leaving secondary school: Nat, Sofia and Lise.