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In twenty horses for saddle and draught, which I have particularly at my chateau of Pierrefonds, and which are called - Bayard, Roland, Charlemagne, Pepin, Dunois, La Hire, Ogier, Samson, Milo, Nimrod, Urganda, Armida, Flastrade, Dalilah, Rebecca, Yolande, Finette, Grisette, Lisette, and Musette.
Also, we gave a couple of balls--evening parties attended by Hortense and Lisette and Cleopatre, who were women remarkable both for the number of their liaisons and (though only in some cases) for their good looks.
Catching the eye of Des Kelly, Co Tyrone, was Ervie Advance 162151 also sired by the Achiever 91151H and out of a Lisette cow selling for PS7000.
Lisette also served as the founding Executive Director of Year Up NY, an innovative workforce development program, where in the span of five years she grew the organization from a $250,000 seed grant to a $6,000,000 operation with only 40 staff serving over 1,000 young adults from low-income neighborhoods empowering them to go from poverty to professional careers in a single year.
Un adios para Lisette, la nina espectro con ojos de cielo y el rostro del Cristo sufriente.
Lisette didn't have to choose between being a good student and being a good mother.
TALKING LITTLE TOKYO -- Davao City Tourism Officer Lisette Marques talks about the features of the planned revival of 'Little Tokyo' in the city's Mintal area in a bid to attract more Japanese visitors during Monday's SM City Davao Press Conference.
The plantation is a site of both luxury and forced labor, which Lisette negotiates and ultimately hopes to escape.
BlackBerry informed 250 employees of their termination" in Waterloo, Ontario, spokeswoman Lisette Kwong told.
Despite the tough competition from across the globe, Terri Walsh and Lisette Krol saw off their rivals to grab the top prize in London.
He is survived by his son, Jeffrey; a brother, Roger Lamoureux; three sisters, Lorraine Lamoureux, Lisette Ford and her husband Dale, and Lavena Shenette and her husband Brian; five nephews and nieces, Luke, Rosy, Trina, Jesse and Randy; and three close friends, Sarah Poulin, Britnee Farland, and Bruce LaPrade.
In most cases, Noble's serves wrapped up the match, as she did in the semifinal and final with tiebreaker wins over Foresters Lisette Cortez and Emily Rabin.