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LISTSERVList Server (bulk e-mail protocol)
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The INTELST, established in April 2000, is one of a number of E-mail forums run from a list server maintained by the Pentagon to facilitate a professional exchange of ideas.
From the homepage, visitors can also register to join the ECSP-FORUM list server, an archived and searchable e-mail group that allows scholars and policy makers to share their latest research results, discuss current policy trends, and debate how to best address the complex issues surrounding the conjunction of the environment, population, and security.
The Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation has created a professional list server for physicians treating adolescents and children with bipolar disorder.
The server sends an acknowledgement to the prospect, then automatically forwards the lead to the appropriate division marketing director and community sales rep, as well as to corporate marketing, and to a list server hosted by eCalton.
UnityMail also includes capabilities such as traceable URLs, dynamic content management, personalization, reporting, campaign management, event-based scheduling and automatic sensing HTML technology, and integrates a relational database into an advanced e-mail list server.
Using a list server, the Womacks polled some 5,700 recruiters and salespeople (entry-level, middle, and senior management) to come up with the right content mix to create ForSalesPeople.
One person receiving an e-mail from a list server can turn around and forward that e-mail to friends, neighbors, and other area pro-lifers in a matter of seconds.
Other enhancements include support for server-side messaging rules to simplify the handling of e-mail messages regardless of the client that is used and a list server capable of accommodating millions of subscribers.
As a result, many people responding to List Server questions are inclined to include an appended note to their response indicating that it does not constitute professional advice.
Some students may tend to send the wrong type of question, as well as erroneous information through the class list server.
You subscribe to a mailing list by sending a "subscribe" e-mail message to a special server called a list server or majordomo.
A mailing list server automatically manages subscriptions and broadcasts postings to all subscribers" (Shankar, 1998).