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LISTSERVList Server (bulk e-mail protocol)
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The INTELST, as well as numerous other military topic-related lists, are run on a list server that is maintained in the Pentagon by the U.S.
Groups meet up to three times over the course of a 9- to 15-month period, and communicate via a list server. With ongoing support from the NC CHI, they implement changes in their practice settings and measure the impact of the changes.
The infusion of cash didn't last long, and then a computer being used as an e-mail list server crashed late last month - raising yet another financial challenge.
From the homepage, visitors can also register to join the ECSP-FORUM list server, an archived and searchable e-mail group that allows scholars and policy makers to share their latest research results, discuss current policy trends, and debate how to best address the complex issues surrounding the conjunction of the environment, population, and security.
The Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation has created a professional list server for physicians treating adolescents and children with bipolar disorder.
The server sends an acknowledgement to the prospect, then automatically forwards the lead to the appropriate division marketing director and community sales rep, as well as to corporate marketing, and to a list server hosted by eCalton.
Since its inception, Guy has developed a range of complex ecommerce solutions: fully integrated logistics and stock control systems, user profiling and targeted list server strategies and search engine strategies, plus database design and implementation.
Her chapter is followed by the first thread, 'The Issue of Gender', an edited extract of an Internet discussion conducted on the list server in 1995 addressing the issue of the gender of didjeridu players in an international context.
UnityMail also includes capabilities such as traceable URLs, dynamic content management, personalization, reporting, campaign management, event-based scheduling and automatic sensing HTML technology, and integrates a relational database into an advanced e-mail list server.
Using a list server, the Womacks polled some 5,700 recruiters and salespeople (entry-level, middle, and senior management) to come up with the right content mix to create
One person receiving an e-mail from a list server can turn around and forward that e-mail to friends, neighbors, and other area pro-lifers in a matter of seconds.
"We have a list server for communication, publish a newsletter entitled Horizontal News, present workshops, and provide other informational materials.