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LMPLink Management Protocol
LMPLast Menstrual Period
LMPLehet Más A Politika (Hungarian political party)
LMPLondon Mozart Players (UK; est. 1949)
LMPLabour Market Policy (various locations)
LMPLoueur Meuble Professionnel (French: Professional Furniture Rental Company)
LMPLogistics Modernization Program
LMPLine Matrix Printer
LMPLe Mans Prototype
LMPLoad Monitoring Process
LMPLicensed Massage Practitioner
LMPLocational Marginal Pricing (energy market regulation)
LMPLe Mans Prototype (auto racing)
LMPLabour Market Participation (various locations)
LMPLunar Module Pilot (US NASA Apollo missions)
LMPLow Malignant Potential
LMPLocational Marginal Prices
LMPLink Manager Protocol (BlueTooth)
LMPLand Management Plan
LMPLicense Management Program (various companies)
LMPLow Melting Point (solder)
LMPLeague of Municipalities in the Philippines (Quezon City, Philippines)
LMPLicensed Medical Professional (healthcare)
LMPLicensed Master Plumber (various locations)
LMPLabor Management Partnership (Kaiser Permanente and the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions agreement)
LMPLike Minded People
LMPLiterary Marketplace
LMPLeadership and Management Programme (various organizations)
LMPLaboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
LMPLicentiate Medical Practitioner
LMPLiability Matching Portfolio (retirement)
LMPLemon Meringue Pie
LMPLongest Matching Prefix (computing)
LMPLoon Mountain Park (Lincoln, NH)
LMPLondon Market Principles (insurance)
LMPLocal Mitigation Plan (various locations)
LMPLicense Media Pack
LMPLogistics Management Program
LMPLo Maximo Productions (music website)
LMPLibrary Media Project (1988-2007)
LMPLake Metroparks (Lake County, Ohio)
LMPLocal Marginal Price
LMPLiquid Metal Plasma
LMPLa Mirada Punks (gang)
LMPLevel of Market Penetration
LMPLumber, Millwork, & Plywood
LMPLeeds University Maths Prayer-Group (UK)
LMPLate Medieval Period
LMPLoad Maintenance Panel
LMPLiquid Mud Plant
LMPLimited Maneuvering Point (US Air Force)
LMPLike My Profile (social media)
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Her vision of a gift economy, her attempt to imagine the literary marketplace not as a site of terror but as a space where affective connections can be made, may well be a consoling fiction -- for after all, like Melville, Stoddard virtually wrote herself out of the mainstream.
He links them to the complex considerations facing Fielding in the literary marketplace of the 1740s, negotiating with booksellers, an expanding popular readership and, given the subscriptions to the Miscellanies, old-style aristocratic patrons as well.
By characterizing the literary marketplace as "the site of contention that revealed the self as a product of, and mediation between, personal agency and institutional power" (238), Schoenfield uses the second part of the book to examine the advantage literary authors gained by exploiting the field's vibrant emergence.
Indeed, her famous defense of the novel in chapter five places it within the literary marketplace as a commodity whose worth is underrated:
Several of the writers' selections foreground women's professional negotiations within a changing nineteenth-century literary marketplace.
In May's formulation of the literary marketplace at this time, "female consumption, or feminine desire, intrudes and unsettles the male writer's self-satisfaction by violating his text, his property, his person" (490).
95) for texts that may well find their way onto a modern equivalent of Bennett's "bibliography of the nineteenth century" (221) means that affordability, whilst still an issue, when coupled with education, can sidestep many of the means by which the pleasures of the literary marketplace used not so long ago to be hoarded by the few.
The sketch's emphasis on privacy, incompletion, and the individualized first-hand perspective of the author opened up the role of sketch writer to people who had not traditionally had access to the literary marketplace.
Stephens would track the literary anxieties generated by the influence of Spenser's Petrarchan models on these seventeenth-century authors, but in each case she must also try to accommodate -- reductively, I think -- historical determinants that likewise shaped their Spenserian borrowings (such as the entrance of women into the literary marketplace, or the relationship of Marvell's poem to post-war national politics).
This intimacy has become a matter of concern, the story said, because of fears that "the few large national chains could ultimately dictate production and packaging in the literary marketplace as, say, the mass merchant Wal-Mart does with its toothpaste and pretzel suppliers.
His readings often touch upon important themes - Melville and the literary marketplace, Dickinson and feminist discourse, Henry James's suspicion of individualism, Twain's representation of African Americans, Dreiser and material culture - and yet rarely develop these themes.
The editor, James West |fittingly, the author of American Authors and the Literary Marketplace Since 1900), has done a thorough job; he includes an admirable |Historical Commentary' on the novel's troubled composition, |Textual Tables', and photographs of the typescripts.