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The lower concentration to 15% solids can produce 400-1,600 liters per hour in four different sized models.
The Scottish press reports that Aberdeenshire ice-cream maker Mackie's of Scotland is more than doubling its production capacity, from 2,000 liters per hour to 5,000 liters, as it aims to take a bigger share of the UK market.
Data taken between 1999 and 2003 during summer months, when the water table on land was high, showed large volumes of groundwater seeping into the bay--on average, about 200 liters per hour for each square meter of discharge zone.
Animo increases its product lines with the introduction of the WKT-3N model, a storage water boiler that has a constant supply of hot water, with a capacity of 21 liters per hour. With or without a water connection, the water boiler's speed and flexibility makes it essential for professional use, such as hospitals, hotels and restaurants.
The agency said at around 4:45 a.m., the water level at the sump that collects waste water from the reactor storage was found to be rising at a rate of about 100 liters per hour.
Standard specifications include 115 V, 60 Hz, 5 psi pressure, and an output of 325 liters per hour. Other voltages are available.
Even in subfreezing temperatures your body produces a lot of heat and sweat--up to two liters per hour when running.
Configurable in material combinations including stainless steel, brass and acetal plastics, the Gotec line has models with flow rate capacities from 3-66 gph (10 to 250 liters per hour), and pressure ranges to 220 psi (25 bar).
The newest addition is a 4-in, pump featuring a maximum discharge head of 300 meters and a maximum flow rate of 16,000 liters per hour. When the pump is stopped, an integrated nonreturn valve prevents the discharge pipe from running empty and ensures that the pump is not damaged as a result of reverse rotation.
The feed-throat area is blanketed with a small amount of argon gas (10 to 100 liters per hour) to keep air out of the barrel and protect the magnesium alloy from high-temperature oxidation.
The PRST 120 has a flow rate of up to 12.000 liters per hour, and the PRST 260 has a flow range of 3.000 to 26,000 liters per hour (or 15 to 30 tons of destemmed grapes per hour).