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The lower concentration to 15% solids can produce 400-1,600 liters per hour in four different sized models.
the water level at the sump that collects waste water from the reactor storage was found to be rising at a rate of about 100 liters per hour.
Standard specifications include 115 V, 60 Hz, 5 psi pressure, and an output of 325 liters per hour.
Even in subfreezing temperatures your body produces a lot of heat and sweat--up to two liters per hour when running.
The newest addition is a 4-in, pump featuring a maximum discharge head of 300 meters and a maximum flow rate of 16,000 liters per hour.
000 to 26,000 liters per hour (or 15 to 30 tons of destemmed grapes per hour).
The M-7250-20 Microfluidizer[R] processor can achieve product flow rates of up to 400 liters per hour.
Kansai Electric officials said engineers took steps to shut down the reactor when the leakage rate rose to about 400 liters per hour late Thursday, from about 60 liters per hour in the initial stage.
Tenders are invited for cold water generator and circulation system 350 liters per hour capacity chilling system power 3 phase 415v temperature plus minus deg cel as per attached specification no.