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L/SLow Sulfur (diesel fuel designation)
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As rain contained unabated through Friday, authorities were considering evacuating more water from the dam, perhaps as much as 700,000 litres per second.
'The Norera Dam would release a minimum environmental flow of 100 litres per second, only a third of the Mara River minimum environmental flow of 300 litres recommended by the Lake Victoria Basin Commission of the East African Community,' they argue.
two litres per second. At full noise its air flow rate is 4,400kg per hour, which means at the governed top speed of 420kmh the car is sucking 1,000 litres of air into its 10 radiators and intercoolers every second.
Ultimately, the engineers relied on WaterGEMS' optioneering capabilities to calculate optimum scenarios and suggested an increase in carrier pipe diameters so the pump station capacity could evolve from 30 litres per second to 200 litres per second.
The milestone 500kW pump stands 2.85m high, weighs 5,300kg and has the capacity to pump 500 litres per second at 66.9m head, monitored by Flygt's system for operational safety and data review.
Even so, they can close off the flow (418,000 litres per second) in 20 seconds.
Under the contract, more than 18,000 cu m of storage capacity has been created in seven underground tanks with discharge to the sewer network controlled at 270 litres per second by a Hydro-Brake Optimum vortex flow control, said the statement.
Experts later worked out it was travelling at 21mph and a rate of 1,500 litres per second.
The average flow rate over the duration of the test was roughly 2.5 litres per second. Samples for the first 13 days were submitted to the lab and confirmed a slight increase in potassium and magnesium grade.
A Chilean company currently has concessions, from the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, exceeding 8,000 litres per second and is expecting permission to collect more of the ice melt water.