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LBRLiberia (ISO Country code)
LBRLibrary (File Name Extension)
LBRLilac Breasted Roller (bird)
LBRLamin B Receptor (cell biology)
LBRLibrary File
LBRLabel Bit Rate
LBRLandelijk Bureau Ter Bestrijding Van Rassendiscriminatie (Dutch: National Bureau against Racial Discrimination)
LBRLow Bit Rate
LBRLegislative Budget Request
LBRLaser Beam Recorder
LBRLate Blight Resistant (agriculture)
LBRLord Blackthorn's Revenge (game)
LBRLondon Bridge Resort (Arizona)
LBRLoad Backrest (forklift dimension)
LBRLittle Boy's Room
LBRLoad Balanced Routing
LBRLowville and Beaver River (railroad)
LBRLimerock Bearing Ratio (technical specifications)
LBRLoad Balancing Router
LBRLocal Base Rescue
LBRLaser Beam Rider
LBRLoose Body Removal (surgery)
LBRLosers Beyond Repair
LBRLabel Bit Rate (Cisco)
LBRLoopback Request
LBRLow Burning Rate
LBRLet's Be Real (various applications)
LBRlow birth-rate
LBRLarge Business Remote
LBRLong Barreled Revolver
LBRLearn by Rote
LBRLarge Breeder Reactor
LBRLow Band Radome (EA-6B program)
LBRLazy Boy Recordz
LBRLigand-Binding Repeat
LBRLow Band Receiver
LBRLocal Bridge Replacement
LBRLoad Bearing Ratio
LBRLoyalty before Royalty
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With my good self still to arrive at the table, and Tim in the little boy's room, he was accosted by an old chum apparently having a secret liaison with a quite tasty blonde.
When nature calls they have to ask their manager to lead them by the hand to the little boy's room.
The worried parents called on Mr Roberts and his medium and they went to the little boy's room.
Upstairs, the large guest bedroom has been finished in rich red and cream shades, which combine perfectly, and across the hallway Jake's bedroom is the perfect little boy's room, with plenty of space for all his toys.
With a funky car design and groovy embroidered words such as vroom vroom and beep beep - it will certainly be a talking point in any little boy's room.
Nipping off for a quick visit to the little boy's room to jettison excess baggage before his third-round tee-off time, he got stuck in the lavatory .
The couple have made sure that bedroom three is the perfect little boy's room for their son Freddie.