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L8Live Eight (worldwide chairty concert for Africa)
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She said when Jack was sent home she and partner Justin Hegarty were told he would be tetraplegic and might only live eight to 10 months but he has defied all odds.
It is a life-limiting illness and on average people with Alzheimer's live eight to 10 years after they start to develop symptoms.
My best friend, we live eight hours apart and don't see each other nearly enough.
MUSIC The X Factor Live Eight of the finalists from last year's competition take to the stage.
I only live eight miles from here and I am happy that once again the National Eisteddfod is being held in my hometown.
If his amendment is approved and becomes law, a veteran will need to live eight years in Texas before he or she is eligible.
It's not uncommon for deer to live eight to 10 years in parks with no hunting.
We don't live eight to a house because we like it, we do it because we're trying to save money and get by day by day.
A huge music fan, who admits she has an obsession with McFly, having seen them live eight times, -Hannah was -delighted with the news that rockers Coldplay are headlining the Paralympics closing ceremony on September 9.
But those in deprived areas will live eight to nine years less on average and in good health for around 15 years less.
You've really got a problem if you live eight years in the past.