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LVLas Vegas (Nevada)
LVLouis Vuitton
LVLogical Volume
LVLow Voltage
LVLatvia (ISO Country Identifier)
LVLehigh Valley
LVLaunch Vehicle
LVLeft Ventricular
LVLeft Ventricle
LVLimit Value
LVLos Verdes (Spanish political party)
LVLongview (community college in Missouri)
LVLow Volume
LVLivermorium (element)
LVLight Vessel (ships; various locations)
LVLong View (Green Day song)
LVLord Voldemort (Harry Potter books character )
LVLinda Vista (California)
LVLatent Variable
LVAlbanian Airlines (IATA airline code)
LVLumbar Vertebrae
LVLord Vader (Star Wars; fictional character)
LVLeft Vector (mathematics)
LVLiquid Volume
LVLimited Visibility
LVLiquidation Value
LVLinking Verb
LVLeading Vehicle
LVLevel Valve
LVLight Voltage
LVLassa fever virus
LVLocate Stolen Vehicle (police incident code; New Zealand)
LVLive Variable
LVLatching Valve (or Latch Valve)
LVLehigh Valley Railroad Company
LVLet Vibrate (handbells)
LVLunch Voucher
LVLight Volcano
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In particular, although creating live intervals from live variable information is roughly similar to building an interference graph from live variable information, linear scan of live intervals is always much faster than coloring the interference graph.
Figure 3 shows that most of the overhead of linear scan register allocation is due to live variable analysis and "allocation setup," the coarsening of live variable information into live intervals.
This algorithm is appealing because it is simple and it minimizes expensive bitvector operations common in live variable analysis.
Table III compares the run time of applications compiled with full live variable analysis to that of applications compiled with SCC-based liveness analysis.
The second set of benchmarks consists of pathological programs that perform no useful computation but have huge numbers of simultaneously live variables that make register allocation difficult.