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LWOMLive Within Our Means Act (California)
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And now the Guv wants to pass what he calls the Live Within Our Means Act so that he could make further education cuts.
The recent failure of Proposition 76, also known as the 'California Live Within Our Means Act,' ends immediate uncertainty regarding changes in budget reduction methods and actions when California is faced with a fiscal imbalance.
If approved, the governor's Live Within Our Means Act would eliminate the provision of Proposition 98 - the voter-approved education-funding guarantee - that says if the minimum funding guarantee for education is suspended one year, it needs to be restored the following year to where it would have been.
They say one of his proposed reforms - the Live Within Our Means Act, set for the November special election - will hurt officers.
Some Democrats suspect Republicans may want a long budget gridlock to spark voter frustration and gain support for Schwarzenegger's proposed Live Within Our Means Act during the Nov.
Even the proposed Live Within Our Means Act leaves the bulk of the education-spending guarantee in place and isn't a firm spending limit.