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LFELow Frequency Effects
LFELeague Football Education (UK)
LFELarge Force Employment (US DoD)
LFELow Frequency Enhancement
LFELarge Formation Exercise (US Air Force)
LFELean Front End (software)
LFELearning From Experience
LFELarge Final Emitter (environment)
LFELaminar Flow Element
LFELeicester, Forest, East
LFELove for Ever
LFELow Frequency Encoding (subwoofer sound channel on Dolby Digital 5.1 format)
LFELive Fire Exercise
LFELaboratory for Electronics Inc.
LFELowest Flood Elevation
LFELoss of Future Earnings
LFELanding Field Elevation (airport elevation)
LFELead Field Engineer
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This area is not suitable for live fire exercises and this is unacceptable," Papadopoulos said, adding that only the Republic could issue navigational warnings
We would like to make it clear that this is just like any other exercises, we just put up some good stuff, especially the mobility exercise and the HIMARS coming in as part of the live fire exercises, Sayson said.
The live fire exercise was conducted as part of the Squad Leaders Course, which runs for 8 weeks, and is the qualification exercise for the new junior leaders of the Afghanistan National Army (ANA) Artillery.
NAQOURA, South Lebanon: The United Nations peacekeeping force and Lebanese Armed Forces conducted a live fire exercise in southern Lebanon Wednesday near the Blue Line with Israel, a press release from the U.
The live fire exercises occurred in Derwat Fashar, east of El Fasher.
The live fire exercise held at the weekend forms a paramount part to achieve their final transition to achieving Capability Milestone 1-A at the artillery school.
THE Ministry of Defence is investigating after a soldier was shot and injured during a live fire exercise on an army range.
Gruelling exercise before Afghan tour WELSH Guards have been put through their paces this week in a live fire exercise, ahead of their likely deployment to Afghanistan early in the New Year.
The sergeant, who cannot be identified, allegedly downed up to 10 bottles of beer and spirits hours before going on a live fire exercise near Newcastle, Co Down, Belfast Coroner's Court was told.
Sergeant Kevin Andrew Butterton was hit in the head by shrapnel from a mortar shell as he and two teams of comrades advanced on a bunker during a live fire exercise in Oman.
An Army spokesman said, 'A soldier received a gun shot wound taking part in live fire exercise.
Meanwhile, thousands of soldiers and hundreds of armoured vehicles from the US 2nd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, were continuing a two-day, live fire exercise in the Kuwait desert.