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LKSLambda Kappa Sigma (est. 1913; pharmacy sorority)
LKSLinux Kernel Summit
LKSLinux Kernel Subsystem
LKSLane Keeping System (automobile traffic feature)
LKSLandau-Kleffner Syndrome
LKSLudowe Kluby Sportowe (Polish: Folk Sport Clubs)
LKSLinux Kernel Summit (conference)
LKSLiver, Kidney, Spleen (organ transplant)
LKSLeague of Kentucky Sportsmen (est. 1935)
LKSLucky Stores, Inc.
LKSLast Known Status (military tracking systems)
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Fifty mg of liver, kidney, spleen, lung or testis tissue were used to extract the total RNA using the E.
The liver, kidney, spleen, and heart had multifocal infiltrates of lymphocytes and plasma cells.
Parts of frozen brain, lung, liver, kidney, spleen, and duodenum content were ground separately, and virus isolation testing was conducted by using embryonated egg injection.
Other internal organs such as liver, kidney, spleen, heart, and lungs are also useful to detect viruses.
Finally, Costa points to research he and colleagues published in the March 1993 issue of Biological Trace Element Research, which demonstrates that total chromium accumulated in the liver, kidney, spleen, bone, lung, heart, muscle, and blood of rats and mice dosed orally with Cr(VI) for 4 or 8 weeks.
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