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LSECLegal Secretary (course)
LSECLaboratory of Scientific and Engineering Computing (est. 1993; Institute of Computational Mathematics and Scientific/Engineering Computing; Chinese Academy of Sciences; Beijing, China)
LSECState Key Laboratory of Scientific and Engineering Computing (China)
LSECLiver Sinusoidal Endothelial Cell
LSECLaboratory for the Study of Emotion and Cognition (Department of Biomedical Engineering; State University of New York at Stony Brook; Stony Brook, NY)
LSECLife-cycle Support Engineering Center
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However, it is not known whether the transformation of liver sinusoidal endothelial cells to vascular endothelial cells occurs in the liver samples of the aged cadavers.
Ethanol-induced expression of ET-1 and ET-BR in liver sinusoidal endothelial cells and human endothelial cells involves hypoxiainducible factor-1alpha and microRNA-199.
T lymphocytes interact with hepatocytes through fenestration in murine liver sinusoidal endothelial cells.