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LOTELiving on the Edge
LOTELesser of Two Evils
LOTELives of the Elite
LOTELife of Type Extension (military equipment)
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During this period, Dr Coltman argues, neoclassicism framed the lives of the elite caste of British society, whose taste, consumption and even style of thought were defined, framed and translated by the prevailing material culture.
In the early nineteenth century society, drinking figured prominently; it cut across class lines and played a role in the lives of the elite on down to the laborer.
But when it suits her, Paternostro is just as ready to collapse the vast differences between the sheltered lives of the elite matrons who frequent exclusive country clubs and the desperate lives of shantytown women: "The main difference is that while women like Josefa are miserable in voiceless poverty, in my world women are miserable in luxury."