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L]ack of scientific certainty, due to insufficient relevant scientific information and knowledge regarding the extent of the potential adverse effects of a leaving modified organism on the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity, shall not prevent a party from taking a decision, as appropriate, with regard to the import of the living modified organism in question .
In particular, advanced informed agreement, in the field of the safe transfer, handling and use of any living modified organism resulting from biotechnology that may have an adverse effect on the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity.
The new bill will make prior environmental risk assessment obligatory when developing or importing living modified organisms and will have the state examine the assessments, they said.
When the dust finally settled after six furious hours of last-night bargaining, the rules for the identification of living modified organisms for direct use as food, feed or for processing were weakened to accommodate the Miami Group's position.
The protocol, intended to protect global biodiversity, requires that exporters notify importers when products contain what the accord calls living modified organisms, or LMOs.
It establishes a Biosafety Clearing-House to facilitate the exchange of information on living modified organisms and to assist countries in the implementation of the Protocol.
The system is in line with an international protocol on bio-safety -- the Cartagena Protocol -- adopted last year in Montreal to ensure the safety of living modified organisms before their cross-border trade.
Biosafety Protocol which would require that bulk commodities intended for use as food, feed, or processing be shipped with documentation stating that they "may contain" living modified organisms, the protocol's term for GMOs.
Despite the efforts of the Colombian Environment Minister, Juan Mayr, who presided over the Cartagena meeting, the session, which should in principle have adopted rules on cross-border movements of Living Modified Organisms, in particular their exports to developing countries, was unable to reconcile the extreme positions adopted by, on the one hand, the potential importing countries (mainly in Africa), and the principal exporting countries of transgenic products.
Summary:As European Report goes to press on Tuesday February 23, negotiations launched by the United Nations in Cartagena, Colombia, on February 14, aiming to establish an international Protocol on transboundary movements of living modified organisms (LMOs), remain deadlocked.
She urged all 174 governments to send representatives to the final negotiation meeting of the Protocol in Cartagena, Colombia, from February 14 to 23, with a willingness to reach an agreement on living modified organisms (LMOs).