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LOTGLaws of the Game
LOTGLiving Off the Grid
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If we can create good, democratic design solutions, then living off the grid can become sustainable, low-cost, and will provide independence", says Engman.
Reacher (Cruise) is living off the grid, embracing a lifestyle that allows him to move between low-rent motels as he brings down men and women in uniform, who abuse their position.
Now living off the grid, they're strongarmed into stealing a computer chip by Daniel Radcliffe's techy-criminal.
My partner went to live on his canal boat in order to save money and enjoy living off the grid.
Twenty years later, Epony is living off the grid, but after making a deal to use social media as collateral, she is determined to find a way into the Other Place.
hands -on living off the grid. This is trendy alternative lifestyle before it was considered 'alternative," with home board games like cokinole for amusement, home canned pickles, and homemade cake for treats for visitors.
The documentary film, which is being screened at festivals this year, unpacks the challenges associated with regional climates and economies, and shows how people living off the grid deal with the everyday demands of heat, light, water, food, and waste.
While some homeowners are going gung ho for solar panels and ENERGY STAR products, others are taking the sustainable lifestyle to a whole new level by living off the grid.
Oliveira could not give a precise number for how many residents live at Kaohe, but said it was estimated at roughly 30 to 50 households although some people may be living off the grid or unaccounted for in the area.
The 2000's have ushered in the era of sustainable revolution including backyard and urban gardening, living off the grid, wholesale composting operations, and commercial and residential solar power along with solar powered cars.
My first few years living off the grid certainly presented a steep learning curve.
In this work he travels to the US to document the living off the grid scene by interviewing people of all types and socio-economic groups that have decided, partially or wholly, to live without connection to municipal power and water services.