LJFLe Joint Francais (French: The French Joint; Hutchinson)
LJFLine Junctor Frame
LJFLongest Job First (algorithm)
LJFLondon Jewish Federation (London, Ontario, Canada)
LJFLothian Joint Formulary (National Health Service; UK)
LJFLeast Jammed Frequency
LJFLittle Jac Funky
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So, we will fight so that women get representation and can exercise freedom without fear," Perween, the presidential candidate of LJF, said at a press conference on Wednesday.
The linked junction forest (LJF) method [43][44] compiles each subnet of a multiply connected network into a junction tree (JT), by clustering the triangulated moral graph of the underlying undirected graph.
The company provides sales and technical support for structural glazing projects done with GE-Bayer structural silicone sealants and for insulating glass glazing done with polyurethane/butyl sealants from LJF France, a Total company.
Figures from LJF Research showed occupancy in the city centre's hotels rose to 71 per cent during June, compared with 64 per cent in the previous month and 65 per cent in June 2008.
Among the traditional policies we found First-Come-First-Serve (FCFS), which orders the jobs according to their arrival time or SJF (LJF), that orders the applications in increasing (decreasing) execution time estimation.
Salgado GS, Palma LDJ, Zavala CJ, Lagunes ELDC, Castelan EM, Ortiz GCF, Juarez LJF, Rincon RJA, Hernandez NE (2008) Programa sustentable de fertilizacion para el ingenio Pujiltic, Chiapas, Mexico.
PPG Industries has submitted an offer to acquire a majority interest in the aerospace and automotive sealants businesses of Le Joint Francais (LJF).
Salaya DJM, Carrillo AE, Palacios VOL, Aceves NLA, Juarez LJF (2002) Respuesta del cultivo de sandia (Citrullus vulgaris schrad) al potencial del agua en el suelo.
Tenders are invited for Adhesive For Lhb Coaches Suitable Between 5 To 48 Deg.Celcius Temp In 310 Ml Tube-Packingas Per Sikaflex 265 Of M/S.Sika Or Terostat 8590 Of M/S Henkel Or Totalseal 100 Of M/S Ljf Or 08609 Windo-Weld Super Fast Urethane Of M/S 3M