LJRLayer Jump Recording
LJRLegal and Judicial Reform
LJRLaw Journal Reports (various locations)
LJRLady Jean Ranch (Jupiter, FL)
LJRLynch, Jones and Ryan, Inc. (New York, NY)
LJRLegislative, Judicial and Rules (committee)
LJRLead Joint Runner
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We conducted one-on-one qualitative interviews with 15 LJR participants to assess what they saw as the main benefits of the program.
Gardner FJE, KonjeJ Cb, Bell SC, Abrams KR, Brown LJR, Taylor DJ, et al.
Grober L, Matin LJR, Poncelet D, Pirottin D, Brouwers B, Riquet J, Schoberlin A, Dunner S, Menissier F, Massabanda J, Fries R, Hanset R, George M.
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Less well known is Ruskin's reciprocal respect for Morris, not only as the author of The Defence poems ("most noble--very, very great indeed--in their own peculiar way," 1869, LJR 36:280), but also of The Earthly Paradise, whose evocations of Greek myth he considered more powerful than those of Keats (Queen of the Air, 1869).
LJR originated recapture programs in 1986 to help pension plans reduce transaction costs.
And a private research firm, LJR Redbook, estimated that total retail sales for the first week in November inched up by a mere 0.
It seems the warehouse club format may be best suited to the small business owner as its customer base, and club operators are coming to the same conclusion," comments LJR Redbook Research retail analyst Howard Ellenberg.