LoHoLower Houston (New York City Lower East Side area)
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Again, Loho and Orkar (2005) compiled another bibliography on 'Agricultural Extension in Nigeria 1970-1990: an annotated bibliography'.
The location is a bit far from nightlife and transportation, but units can be had for under $500 per square foot and maintenance fees are less than $300 per month, said Jacob Goldman, owner of LoHo Realty, who specializes in Co-op Village apartment sales.
Trubach Hryhorii Bielins'kyi ta loho vykonavs'ka shkola.
While the retailer already has a concentration of outlets in middle and lower Manhattan, Cuti sees potential for more outlets in such emerging neighborhoods as Soho, Tribeca, Noho and Loho.
Visitors stay in huts on pillars known as pondoks in the reserve's intensive use zone in Loho Liang.
Similarly, a number of businesswomen and industrialists headed by Marwa al-Aituni, members of the Democratic Arab Solidarity Party headed by the party's Assistant Secretary General Haitham Hammoudeh, and representatives of the Arab Journalists Union in the US headed by Samaher Loho visited injured army personnel in Martyr Yousef al-Azmeh Hopsital.