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LoOKLibrary of Oracle Knowledge
LoOKLight Opera Oklahoma (formerly LOOK Musical Theatre; Tulsa, OK)
LoOKLifestyle of Our Kids (physical and psychological health study; Australia)
LoOKLazy Object-Oriented Kernel (computational geometry)
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Yes, he's a decent fellow, and will look at the thing properly," Vronsky said to himself, catching the significance of Golenishtchev's face and the change of subject.
They brought him things to look at--buds which were opening, buds which were tight closed, bits of twig whose leaves were just showing green, the feather of a woodpecker which had dropped on the grass, the empty shell of some bird early hatched.
Often, years ago, but I don't mind having a look at it.
Shall I call that wise or foolish, now; if it be really wise it has a foolish look to it; yet, if it be really foolish, then has it a sort of wiseish look to it.
But,' with another anxious look up the river, 'he may land.
my boy," said the farmer, coming closer, "he might have been anything when he was young; look at his nostrils and his ears, the shape of his neck and shoulder; there's a deal of breeding about that horse.
But, I felt myself so unequal to the performance that I gave it up, and stood looking at Miss Havisham in what I suppose she took for a dogged manner, inasmuch as she said, when we had taken a good look at each other:
Don't be impertinent,' said the King, `and don't look at me like that
He never stopped to take a look anymore--he just hove 'em in and went for more.
Me and Tom struck out for the woods mighty solemn, and saying how different it was now to what it was last summer when we was here and everything was so peaceful and happy and everybody thought so much of Uncle Silas, and he was so cheerful and simple-hearted and pudd'n-headed and good--and now look at him.
He could look at a shop-girl and tell you to an hour how long it had been since she had eaten anything more nourishing than marshmallows and tea.
For one moment the coast guardsman hesitated; then he obeyed her look.