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LD-VLoad Variable
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I started scientifically testing load variables 40 years ago, and started checking ballistic uniformity of carefully assembled handloads 30 years ago.
So, in order to determine the actual cost of a route, aggregate expense totals need to be allocated to each route based on the unique load variables (stops, miles, volume) and labor (hours) variables.
The CL150R1 constant load stand is said to eliminate speed and load variables which occur when hand-testing samples with a durometer.
Hypothesis 1: Academic stress perceptions are predicted by objective academic load variables.
For this purpose, the independent variables were entered in three steps in an ENTER procedure, in the following order: (1) demographic characteristics (2) academic load variables and (3) academic stress perceptions.
Primary load variables are listed next as functions of position and reaction - both linear and rotational.
Note that sensor/transducers are designed to interface with load variables and produce output signals representing the state of the monitored variables.