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Bone-loading activities stimulate positive changes in bone metabolism, and there is evidence that resistance training and high-impact loading exercises can positively influence bone health.[sup.19] In a systematic review, men with prostate cancer undergoing ADT benefited from exercise training, demonstrating consistent positive results in physical and muscular performance and lean body mass/muscle volume.
(29) Dynamic axial loading exercises, like jumping, have the greatest effect on BMD and BMC of the femoral neck and lumbar spine.
Traditional treatments of icing, stretching, and use of a heel lift insertion during the acute phase are conventional and progressive eccentric loading exercises will often allow the athlete to return to sport
The exercise protocol consisted of dynamic impact loading exercises (DILE) for the upper limb in the form of wall pushups and jumping for the lower limb.
Additionally, progressive resistance training and increased loading exercises, within the parameter of the person's current health status, are beneficial for muscle and bone strength.
There has been much written regarding the benefits of closed kinetic chain exercise and joint loading exercises during rehabilitation (5).
It's best to refrain from loading exercises, such as excessive jumping until your body readjusts.