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The cooperation between Teso Group and the EBRD began in 2014 when the Bank provided Mongolia's first local currency loan equivalent to US$ 5.
buy present value model carries a loan equivalent perspective.
BMI Bank, a leading Bahraini retail and commercial banking institution, has repaid its three-year Islamic term loan equivalent to $93.
Barbados is to receive a technical assistance loan equivalent to USD1.
He promised that he would get them a loan equivalent to four times the money saved by them and put their skills -- farming, cooking, weaving and embroidery -- to financially productive use.
EBRD also will provide MegaBank with a senior loan equivalent to EUR10.
Being able to force an extra two months to pay their bills means that the big four enjoy the massive advantage of a three-month interest-free loan equivalent to their entire stock.
00 million which is reported to have been sanctioned as loan equivalent to US dollar 3.
IFC investment in the Botswana Building Society comprises a senior loan equivalent to $25 million in local currency.
In its website, the WB reported that its Board of Executive Directors approved the anti-poverty loan equivalent to more than P21 billion to scale up the coverage of the National Community-Driven Development Project (NCDDP) implemented by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).
Qualified officers may avail of a loan equivalent to up to eight months of their gross pay but not exceeding P450,000 while elected officials and their co-terminus staff members may also avail of a loan equivalent to up to eight months of their gross pay but not over P500,000.
In the proposed loan scheme, he added that the government would be extending interest free loan equivalent to 10% of the remittances but in national currency.