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LGYLoan Guaranty Service (US VA Veterans Benefits Administration)
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When the VA Loan Guaranty Service Office receives a veteran's application for a Specially Adapted Housing or Special Home Adaptation grant, an agent who specializes in the two grants will be assigned to the veteran.
In her response, Judith Caden, loan guaranty service director, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), acknowledged that "maybe we have gone too far" --then she offered some personal reflection.
Loans for eligible veterans are granted by the VA Loan Guaranty Service. "You still have to take care of closing costs, but if the seller also spots part of that, you're still delivering less out of pocket," says Dunagan.
In addition, the VA backed $35.1 billion in lending to 252,000 borrowers last year, and 90 percent of them received 100-percent-LTV loans, according to Keith Pedigo, director of the loan guaranty service at the VA.
The VA has provided 100-percent-LTV loans to eligible veterans since 1944, and today 90 percent of the VA's loan volume is in l00-percent-LTV mortgages, according to Keith Pedigo, director of the VA's loan guaranty service. In fiscal year 2001, which ended Sept.
VA's Loan Guaranty Service administers the SAH program through agents assigned to regional offices.
The Loan Guaranty Service scheduled a Specially Adapted Housing Agent's Conference for September 20-21, 1999, in Baltimore.
Keith Pedigo is director of the VA Loan Guaranty Service at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C.
In May 1990, the VA's Veterans Benefits Administration established the monitoring unit under the authority of the director of the Loan Guaranty Service. Its mission: "[to] help prevent waste, fraud and abuse in the loan guaranty program by determining lender compliance with governing laws, regulations and policies," according to Hilda Pena, the chief of the monitoring unit.
The chief of the monitoring unit then will evaluate the report and submit it to the director of the Loan Guaranty Service, who then will issue the report to the lender within 60 to 90 days after the site review.