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LOFLord of the Flies (book by William Golding)
LOFLine Of Fire
LOFLoan Origination Fee
LOFLunch on Fridays (Cleveland Institute of Art; Cleveland, OH)
LOFLiquid Organic Fertilizer
LOFLots of Fun
LOFLoss of Function
LOFLook Out For
LOFLife of Field (oil and gas)
LOFList of Files (computing)
LOFLoss of Flow
LOFLoss Of Frame
LOFLeague of Friends (gaming)
LOFLine Of Flight
LOFLocal Outlier Factor (algorithm)
LOFLevel of Functioning
LOFLake of Fire
LOFLowest Operating Frequency
LOFLetter Of Offer
LOFList of Files
LOFLength of An Open File
LOFList of Figures
LOFLiabilities of Foreignness (international business)
LOFLevel Of Fill
LOFLeap of Faith
LOFLack of Fit (polynomial comparison)
LOFLow on Funds
LOFLength of File
LOFLube, Oil, & Filter
LOFLocal Oscillator Frequency (satellite converter)
LOFLaws of Florida
LOFLanguage of Flowers
LOFLibbey Owens Ford Co
LOFLin Only Fan (basketball)
LOFLeft of Frame (film and television industry)
LOFLoss of Fines
LOFLegion of Fire (gaming clan)
LOFLoss of Feedwater
LOFLeakage of Fluid (obstetrics/gynecology)
LOFLaughing on Floor
LOFLegion of Freedom (gaming alliance)
LOFLloyd Open Form
LOFLords of Fuzz (band)
LOFLance of Faith (gaming, Dungeons and Dragons)
LOFLegions Of Felix (game alliance)
LOFPilkington - Libbery Owens Ford
LOFLack of Fail (Internet slang)
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This figure represents the additional points or loan origination fees for Case II.
After New Standards: Loan origination fees recognized as revenue in the period received.
In its initial press release announcing the suspension, HUD reported that its Mortgagee Review Board found that in 21 cases ETM "failed to properly disclose all loan origination fees, as well as lender fees to mortgage brokers (commonly called 'yield-spread premiums') on borrowers' Good Faith Estimates.
Black homeowners pay an average of $415 more and Hispanic borrowers pay $365 more in loan origination fees than nonminorities.
They are also referred to as loan origination fees or premium charges.
The bank recorded positive performance in loan origination fees, Bancassurance commission, fees from wealth management products and commission fees from foreign exchange, but its total impairment charge was higher than what it was during the same period last year.
The analysis automatically warns users when it identifies tax-service fees and/or loan origination fees exceeding 1 percent of the loan amount on the HUD-1 settlement statement, in accordance with HUD Mortgagee Letter ML 2006-04.
Under House Bill 2204, these lenders can charge no more than a 36 percent annual percentage rate, along with up to $10 in loan origination fees per $100 borrowed.
Unless the professional has made them aware of the charges that will be taken out (for example: loan origination fees, brokers fees, bank attorney fees, mortgage interest, mortgage tax, real estate taxes), there is always the potential for the client to be short of funds at the closing table.
McKeon said the savings will be used to eliminate loan origination fees, increase federal Pell Grants, and allow students to borrow more money in their first two years of college.
Loan origination fees, which could amount to an additional point or more.