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LVRLaser Vaginal Rejuvenation (cosmetic surgery)
LVRLoan to Value Ratio
LVRLung Volume Reduction
LVRLow Voltage Reset
LVRLoss of Visual Reference (aviation)
LVRLow Voltage Release
LVRLarge Volume Receiver (Canada Post)
LVRLine Voltage Regulator
LVRLow Voltage Relay
LVRLRU Verification Rack
LVRLarge Vocabulary Response (Sprint)
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Portfolio landlords carry an acrossthe-board loan to value ratio of only 57.3%.
Portfolio landlords carry an across-the-board loan to value ratio of only 57.3 per cent.
The Central Bank introduced the new scheme to support the banks to increase their Loan to Value Ratio since credit obtained through pawning has significantly declined due to drop in the gold prices in the international market in the recent past.
Conventional wisdom of construction lenders is that every dollar advanced creates more than a dollar in value, thus keeping in line their typical loan to value ratio. The reality though is quite different.
However, 39pc said that the average loan to value ratio of their rented residential property was more than 76pc.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 3, 2014-Power to cap loan to value ratio requested by Bank of England
Earlier this month, RBI had raised loan to value ratio to 75 % from 60 % earlier.
Because coop debt has an excellent loan to value ratio, it earns very high bond ratings that, when packaged with other loans, can help compensate for those with less credit.
The number of owner-occupied units can be as low as 60 percent as long as the loan to value ratio is 65 percent or less.
The objective of these negotiations is to supply the lender with cash today while establishing a workable loan structure with a conservative Loan to Value ratio, an adequate Debt Service Coverage and a Term that allows the project to survive and to generate enough income to compensate the outstanding mortgage balance.
In a triple net lease, with a longterm, credit-worthy tenant, a borrower can get a better interest rate, at a better loan to value ratio, than can an owner of a typical multi-tenanted building.
The reference pool will include two Groups, compromised of collateral with loan to value ratios of 60.01 to 80.00 percent and 80.01 to 97.00 percent.