LOBOCLogical Business-Oriented Language (decision table processor, circa 1963, Cigna Corp)
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A TV anchor turned teary-eyed as ABS CBN accompanied Loboc Choir's impromptu singing with heart-rending video clips of people who were devastated by the earthquake in Bohol, one of the hardest hit areas in central Philippines.
The choir will continue practising and singing even if the church where it belongs, the Church of San Pedro Apostol, in Loboc is almost gone, said Inzon, adding that religious leaders have been celebrating masses in an open area near the church's rubble.
Composed of 30 students of the Loboc Elementary School, the choir group won top prizes of the National Musical Competition for Young Artists three times, in 1993, 1995, and 2001.
A world apart from the glitz and cacophony of Manila's malls--of which we'd had our fill in the last three days--the island's main attractions can be safely put at three: the tarsier, perhaps the world's tiniest primate; the forests that guard Loboc river and the curious hills aforementioned.
And with enough memory space for the cruise up the Loboc, I sprinted towards the coach.
And Loboc, not to forget the hospitable crew on board the modest vessel, lived up to every expectation.
And before long, the boat stood inches away from a mini cascade at the heart of the Loboc.
All 34 evacuation centers are in Bohol and are located in the following areas: one in Tagbilaran City serving 600 families; two in Alicia providing temporary shelter to 150 families; six in Calape with 1,150 families; seven in Bilar with 765; two in Buenavista with 900, two in Correla with 400; four in Loboc with 405, one in Sierra Bullones with 50 families; four in Tubigon with 600 families,; and five in Ubay with 600 families.
The music workshop will be led by the musical director of the internationally acclaimed Loboc Children's Choir, Alma Taldo.
In addition, the towns of Loay, Lila, Dimiao, Loboc, Sevilla, Panglao, and parts of Dauis and Albuquerque being served by Bohol I Electric Cooperative (BOHECO I) have been energized as of 10:00 a.
2-MW Loboc mini-hydropower plant in Bohol and has a 45-percent stake in the Amlan mini-hydro in Negros Occidental, including other projects like, 9-MW Cantakoy mini-hydro project in Bohol, Tinoc mini-hydro projects and other upcoming projects in Mindanao and Luzon.