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LALos Angeles
LALouisiana (US postal abbreviation)
LALove Always
LALatin America
LALibrary Association (UK)
LALiving Area
LALocation Area
LALanguage Arts
LALimited Availability
LALeft Arm
LALancaster (UK post codes)
LALarge Animal
LALocal Authority
LALouis Armstrong (singer)
LALance Armstrong (cyclist)
LAListing Agent
LALoan Amount
LALegislative Assembly
LALicense Application
LALoan Agreement
LALiberal Arts
LALandscape Architect
LALate Arrival
LALimited Area (security)
LALucas Arts
LALao People's Democratic Republic
LALos Alamos (publication)
LALead Acid (batteries)
LALower Alabama
LALibrary Assistant
LAAnnual Leave
LALeft Atrium (heart chamber)
LALow Alcohol (beer)
LALawrence Academy (Massachusetts, USA)
LALadies Auxiliary (VFW)
LALost Abbey (San Marcos, CA brewery)
LALow Altitude
LALegislative Affairs
LALink's Awakening (video game)
LALegislative Assistant
LALinear Actuator (motors)
LALoad Allocation
LALinoleic Acid
LALauantai (Finnish: Saturday)
LALinear Analysis
LALocal Application
LALethbridge, Alberta (Canada)
LALog Analyzer (software)
LALightening Arrester (electricity)
LALaunch Approval (US NASA)
LALactobacillus Acidophilus
LALead Auditor
LALaunch Area (space centers; various locations)
LALavochkin (Soviet aircraft designer)
LALogistics Analyst
LALost Animal
LALife Assured (insurance)
LALead Agent
LALittle Athletics (QLAA)
LALymphoma Association (UK)
LALoad Address (IBM)
LALenkungsausschuss (German: steering committee)
LALinea Aerea Nacional (Lan-Chile, IATA airline code)
LALeptomeningeal Angioma (Sturge Weber syndrome)
LALewiston/Auburn, Maine
LALandscape Area (zoning)
LALightning Attack (gaming)
LALateral Area (geometry)
LALagrange Academy (LaGrange, GA)
LALink Adaptation (wireless communications)
LALow Approach
LALaboratory of Anthropology (Museum of New Mexico)
LALetter of Authority
LALaser Annealing
LALocal Alarm
LALine Adapter
LALumen Area
LALight Assist (nursing)
LALeukotriene Antagonist
LALearning Aptitude
LALiverpool Arms (UK)
LALevel Absolute
LALeap Attack (Diablo II game)
LALegend Arena (online game)
LALaboratorios América (Correction! Guatemala Central America)
LALlama Alliance (gaming clan)
LALocator Arm
LALupic Anticoagulant
LALetter of Activation
LALow Angle Detachment Zone
LALaboratorios América SA (Spanish, Colombia)
LALicensie d'Arts
LALinear Adaline Algorithm
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In addition, there are several components of the local application focused on equitable access, nontraditional fields and programs of study, among others, that will benefit from careful thought related to career development for all students.
the size of endotracheal tube and cuff pressure, trials to insert tube, intubation duration, surgical site, and application of lidocaine, steroids (intravenous or local application) on the endotracheal tube.8-11
Figure 2: Routes of administration Oral 0.38% Local application 8.00% Injection 91.62% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Therapeutic protocol for Contagious ecthyma in small ruminants Group Animals Therapeutic Regimen Dose and Route Duration I 24 Enrofloxacin 5 mg/kg IM 5 days Boroglycerine local application 7 days II 24 Oxytetracycline LA 5 mg/kg IM 48 hours Neomycin and Zinc local application 7 days bacitracin ointment III 24 Neomycin and zinc local application 7days bacitracin and hydro cortisone ointment Povidone Iodine paint local application 7 days Table 2.
A local application, lodged on October 8, 2014, with a parish council objection received on October 28, has still not been slated for a committee hearing.
Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton said the proposal could result in a new local application because the developer is using a different, but adjoining, parcel of land on Plumtrees Road than earlier applications.
Data is stored behind the firewall where the Atom is deployed and data is routed to either the SaaS or local application through a connector configured by the user.
Local application control It is now possible to capture, display and control local VLC video and RealVNC sessions, along with Microsoft Image Viewer, PowerPoint, and Internet Explorer files.
This, coupled with local application centres and local manufacturing, enables us to provide excellent customer services at competitive prices.”
"In the past five years, however, software investments have been catching up as local application vendors have found a place in most enterprises and end users have started to see more tangible benefits of using software packages.
CommsMEA What makes a good local application in the Middle East?
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