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LAOLegislative Analyst's Office (California)
LAOLaos (ISO Country code)
LAOLegal Aid Ontario
LAOLegislative Assembly of Ontario (Canada)
LAOLearn Arabic Online (website)
LAOLinear Alpha Olefin (chemical compound)
LAOLeft Anterior Oblique (radiology)
LAOLocal Administrative Order (Michigan)
LAOLead Agency Official
LAOLeague of American Orchestras
LAOLegal Assistance Office
LAOLysine-Arginine-Ornithine Binding Protein
LAOLogistics Assistance Office
LAOLao Airlines, Laos (ICAO code)
LAOLeuvens Alumni Orkest (Symphonic Orchestra; Belgium)
LAOLocal Area Office
LAOLocation Administrative Officer
LAOLimited Attack Option
LAOLaboratory Assessment Office
LAOLocal Area Operations
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The ITU Local Area Office will also impart a significant boost to technological reach and benefits for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which act as catalysts in the inclusive growth of a regions economy and employment.
Where individual farmers are affected by flooding and feel that this will impact on their ability to meet greening requirements for the 2016 basic payment scheme year, they can seek relief from the rules if they write to their local area office within 15 days and provide details of the flooding and damage caused, and the measures they are unable to meet.
To help find the people it needs, the Construction Industry Training Board has staff in its local area offices to give career advice and help young people find a college or an employer.
The remainder will be worked at local area offices.
That is why help and advice is available from local area offices.
Total quantity or scope: A local area offices, technical rooms and a multipurpose room area discount store, European call for open tenders for the construction of the new Centre Fire and Rescue Caraman an area of ??1200 square meters divided into two zones VSAV and changing rooms.
Total quantity or scope: European call for open tenders for construction of the fire and rescue center Cadours an area of ??696 square meters divided into two zones a local area offices, technical rooms multipurpose room and a shed area, shop, locker rooms and VSAV .
Tenders are invited for Architect lead consultant for development of a joint building comprising a library and local Area Offices for Arklow and environs.
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