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LAUSLocal Area Unemployment Statistics
LAUSLos Angeles Urological Society (Santa Ana, CA)
LAUSLiberal Arts Undergraduate Studies (Pennsylvania State University)
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251] Source: BRFSS survey data from 2008 to 2012 (CDC 2016), Area Health Resources Files (AHRF) (HHS 2016) and Bureau of Labor Statistics Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) (BLS 2016) in corresponding years Sample weights were not used in this table.
The Local Area Unemployment Statistics LAUS) estimates for the month of September 2005 were among the first subnational data to reflect the impact of Hurricane Katrina, which struck the gulf coast on August 29 with catastrophic effects in parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.
These "bivariate models with real-time benchmarking" are a significant enhancement of the Local Area Unemployment Statistics program.
These estimates are produced by State workforce agencies under the Federal-State cooperative Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) program.
1) Information on the technical procedures used in the Local Area Unemployment Statistics program can be obtained from the BLS Handbook of Methods, Bulletin 2490 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, August 1997); on the Internet at http://www.
The analysis also appeals to unemployment data from the Local Area Unemployment Statistics program of the Bureau of Labor Statistics as a supplement to the LDB, (13) using the unemployment rate from the third month of each quarter.
The unemployment rate comes from the BLS Local Area Unemployment Statistics program.
With the assumption of technical responsibility for local area unemployment statistics, the Bureau undertook an extensive research effort to improve the methodology.
Because local area unemployment statistics are used to allocate Federal training funds, demand for these statistics is high.
Copies of the report to the Congress are available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Division of Local Area Unemployment Statistics, 441 G Street, NW, Room 2083, Washington, DC 20212.
The Local Area Unemployment Statistics program produces civilian Labor force data for all States, metropolitan areas, counties, and cities with a population of 25,000 or more.
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