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LX60 (Roman Numeral)
LXLuxury Class (various companies)
LXLisbon (Portugal)
LXSwiss International Airlines (IATA airline code)
LXTaxicab (radio service code)
LXLumbar Spine
LXLocal Exchange
LXLinear Executable
LXLocal Expression (mathematics)
LXLindy Exchange (dance event)
LXElectrics/Lighting (theatrical term)
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This local expression of such therapeutic payloads in the cancer cell is expected to augment the anti-cancer effects of viral oncolysis, by efficiently modulating the tumour micro-environment and increasing the immunogenicity of the tumour.
of people in corporate worship trumped the search for local expression.
Certainly, a local expression when translated to the English language could connote different meanings.
The higher level of flexibility provided by contract-free low-cost mobile phone plans and the easy portability of SIM cards are directly boosting consumer demand for "nude" devices (a local expression for SIM-free devices), thereby causing the proportion of phone-only purchases to rise to 46% in 2015.
where [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], is the local expression of the field [[phi].
The primary endpoint, sustained local expression of IL-12 protein on day 22, was observed in 79% of patients.
Ending his speech on a comical note he read out the last paragraph of the 'Sotiras Kolokasi' application that was filed to the European Commission: "The characteristic feature of the kolokasi foliage where it is not affected by enemies or diseases is reflected in the local expression 'you are like a kolokasi leaf' which refers to someone that is not bothered by anything or does not let problems affect them.
To use a local expression I'm right chuffed to win and Dungeness, where the winning shot was taken, is a marvellous and very popular photographic location, even if it did take me three visits to get the right light.
Relations (6) and (7) lead to the local expression of (differential) Maxwell -Biot-Savart-Ampere equation:
Far more than the efforts of a single man, the formation of the Tennessee Academy of Science was a local expression of a reform movement of national significance that would characterize American life for years to come.
We recently reported that BNP mRNA contents, but not ANP mRNA contents, are produced in a circadian manner in the ventricles of wild-type mice and that the production pattern reflects the local expression of the central clock genes Perl [period homolog 1(Drosophila)] and Bmall [officially known as Arntl (aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator-like)] (2).
The six pillars are the North Shore setting; events like major surfing tournaments, as well as the World Paddleboard Championship, a Slack Key Guitar Playoff and a Makahiki Festival of Cane Spirits; the areaOs legacy as a water sports mecca; agritourism, featuring partnerships with local farmers to develop resort-branded products; romance, which is defined as Oa spirit of adventure, excitement, the potential for heroic achievement, and the exoticO; and Otalk story,O a local expression meaning Oto chat informally,O with surfers, authors, musicians and filmmakers talking story with guests and residents.
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